13 Reasons Why You Should Track Your Mobile Workforce

Category: Crew | By Cristina Johnson | 6 minute read | Updated Jun 2, 2020
13 Reasons Why You Should Track Your Mobile Workforce

According to research, 70 percent of today’s workforce is not “behind a desk” but, rather, “untethered,” or mobile. That's why the majority of companies are beginning to incorporate mobile apps.

It may seem like there is little to no place for technology when it comes to construction, landscaping, or other field workers. But, GPS time-tracking and geofencing are becoming a popular trend for companies with fleets and field workers.

In fact, the use of GPS tracking capabilities is expected to increase by more than $800 million by 2023 and for good reasons. 

Outdated technology costs companies money. According to the American Payroll Association, over half of HR professionals admit cutting corners with older payroll techniques and procedures.

If you have been considering GPS time-tracking or geofencing for your field service workforce but are not sure if it’s worth the investment, here are 14 reasons why it’s a great option.

Why should you track your field crew?

1. Accurate Timesheets

When workers are on the job in the field, often they will either round up their work hours or try to remember where they were throughout the day and fill out their timesheets at the end of the workday. Whether intentional or not, this results in inaccurate timesheets that cost you money.

2. Reduced Time Theft

Research has shown that inaccurate time reporting is the most common time theft committed by employees. Time theft committed through “buddy punching” (when a worker clocks in or out for a coworker who is not there) is also reduced with more modern technology.

GPS time-tracking greatly reduces incidents of time theft.

Reasons Why You Should Track Your Mobile Workforce

3. Reduce Unauthorized Overtime

With the ability to integrate things like scheduling, payroll, and monitoring, you can prevent unauthorized overtime. This is helpful when using a time-tracking system that updates data whether your workers are online or offline.

4. Set Up Boundaries

With the use of geofencing, managers can set up virtual boundaries that alert you should your vehicles, workers, or equipment leave a certain area. This is also a convenient way to prevent unauthorized use of your company vehicles or equipment. 

Since worksite theft is a common issue, having tracking devices on your equipment makes recovery of your equipment easier, too.

5. Automatic Reminders

Human error doesn’t have to be an issue with geofencing. As workers leave or arrive at a job or worksite, they will be reminded to clock in, clock out, or change tasks.

6. Accurately Calculate Travel Costs

A comprehensive geofencing software will provide your workers with a “travel” task option which allows you to accurately calculate the costs of travel with no guesswork.

7. Real-time project costing

Project costing is a challenge with traditional paper reports or spreadsheets. Not only does this increase the risks for human error, but it takes longer than it should and is difficult to organize.

With timesheet reporting, you can calculate project costs with accuracy and in real-time, making it easier to understand where you are with your project budget.

8. Streamline Payroll Process

When you use GPS time-tracking technology, you remove the need to double- or triple-enter data.

As workers clock in and out, you can import the information to Quickbooks, making payroll streamlined and more accurate. This saves your company both time and money.

How to Introduce GPS Time Tracking to Your Mobile Workforce

9. Increased Employee Accountability

When employees know their time and location are being reported in real-time to their supervisors, they will be more likely to perform the tasks they are supposed to be doing.

Supervisors and/or project managers can hold workers accountable, for example, for taking too long to perform a job or task or for taking too long to reach a particular job site.

You also reduce the risk of unauthorized use of your company’s vehicles and equipment for side jobs.

10. Improved Customer Experience

When employees are being tracked and monitored, they are more likely to reach and complete jobs in a reasonable amount of time. This will make your customers happier and improve your company's reputation.

11. More Work In The Day

When jobs are completed faster by cutting down on idle time or longer-than-usual breaks, more jobs can be done in the day.

12. Improves Scheduling

When project managers can see exactly where employees are with projects, they can create more reasonable schedules.

Workers are able to easily access the schedule rather than their supervisors needing to notify them of their schedule, with just a few taps on their smartphones.

Unexpected circumstances sometimes happen. Real-time technology makes it easier to make last-minute schedule changes. It also makes it simpler to avoid unauthorized or unintended overtime.

13. Shorter Routes

Since you are able to see where everyone is in real-time, you and your project managers can assign jobs to the appropriate workers, who can reach the job in a more efficient way.

For example, if you learn of an incident obstructing traffic for one employee to reach a job site on time, you can either find a shorter route for them or a different worker who can get there faster.

This helps save money on fuel costs and wear and tear on your vehicles.


As the global mobile workforce continues to grow, more and more companies will begin using GPS time-tracking and geofencing technologies for the many benefits.

ClockShark’s specialized GPS Time-Tracking and geofencing systems are specially designed for construction, landscaping, and other field service companies of any size.

Reasons Why You Should Track Your Mobile Workforce

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