RFP 360 Review - Simplify the RFP Process

Category: Tools | By ClockShark | 3 minute read | Updated Feb 9, 2018
RFP 360 Review - Simplify the RFP Process

Our RFP 360 Review looks at both sides of the RFP process because RFP 360 was created for companies that create RFPs and respond to them. It is a robust system to assist with creating, editing and reusing proposals. It allows for a central place for your team to collaborate on an RFP in real-time. The dashboard clearly shows which members of the team are working on which parts of the project.

The software helps manage the process so that the content can be created. The RFP 360 Software is a cloud-based, so it allows access to the system regardless of device or location as long as there is internet access. The software helps both those issuing RFP’s and looking for vendors and those bidding on RFPs.

RFP 360 Review for Issuers

For companies that are looking for vendors, the software helps with writing RFPs, getting the proposals and assessing the vendors. The system is created so the entire team can see the responses to their own login. All of the information that you input, store and transmit is secure. Your team will be able to access the library of RFP approved templates to be able to create new RFP’s quickly. Through the software, you can invite vendors and monitor their progress as they work through the process. You can communicate directly with the software regarding the RFP.

Assign Members

The software gives your team the ability to score the responses to your RFPs online in a side by side comparison. The side by side option saves a lot of time letting you easily compare what each vendor is offering. The RFP 360 software allows you to assign team members to score certain sections of the RFP. You can also monitor their progress on scoring these parts and see their notes in real-time.

Work History

Through the RFP software, you can see the history of your work with a vendor to help you make future decisions. You can compare their responses to questions over time and how they have bid in the past. You can also provide a response to the vendors letting them know with detailed feedback about the response to their proposal. Vendors can update the database with their information and capabilities so that your company stays up to date on all information.

The software gives you the ability to see your vendors side by side with their capabilities. This can help you target your future RFPs.


Review of RFP 360 for Respondents


The RFP 360 software helps companies create better and timelier responses. It helps them utilize their past proposals by searching automatically through the system to help populate new proposals with information already inputted. The software allows the team to collaborate on the proposal so it can be completed quicker and more efficiently. This also helps the team stay on the same page, and streamlines the process. Team members can communicate right within the software so that you can reference a part of the proposal easier.


It is also possible to see the history of revisions made, so you will know who made what changes and when. You control who has access to different information based on their division or knowledge. The software allows you to set permissions for different users based on your company’s needs. The software makes it very easy to manage the various tasks of the RFP progress.

Tasks Progress

You can easily see the progress of each task that you assign. You can assign a question or a section of a team member. You can follow up through your dashboard to easily see in real-time if all tasks are completed on time. It is easy to monitor the overall progress through the simple graphs on the dashboard. These helpful graphs can help prevent delays and missing deadlines. You can utilize the email notifications and reminders to email your team to make sure things keep on target.

The RFP 360 software will store all of your past responses so you can quickly search your database to find proposals that are relevant and edit them to be used in current RFPs.

This will save time for your team and allow you to focus on targeting the specific information the client wants. The RFP 360 software gives decision-makers the ability to analyze how their team is working on the proposals. Supervisors can see who is working on what parts of the proposals and how much time each individual is spending.

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