SmartBIM Technologies Review

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SmartBIM Technologies Review

Technology is integrated throughout the construction field today. One area of the field that has seen a rise in the use of technology is the use of IT versus traditional paper-based methods of collaborating, designing and planning. The use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) has transformed the process of creating and completing construction projects. Many different members of the construction field are utilizing BIM to create their projects together. SmartBIM Technologies has created a platform that puts together information that all of these professionals need in one place.

The platform can help streamline their projects and helps provide them with solutions and information in an easy to access format. SmartBim Technologies platforms have many components that can help Constructions professionals. It provides BIM content, sustainability data, and 3-D visualization.

SmartBIM Features

On the SmartBim Technologies platform, there are many popular products within their library to explore. They have a variety of collections that can be downloaded with ease. They range from generic to manufacturers that are household names. Having the collections within the library can help to simplify the design process by having it all in one place with the BIM data on hand. When browsing the library, there are a variety of categories you can choose. Some of the categories are casework, ceilings, duct fittings, doors, curtain panels, doors, air terminals, furniture systems, lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, pipe accessories and more! As you can see, there is a category for everything you might need in the construction industry.

SmartBIM Categories

When you find the category you are looking for you just click on it. For example, if you want to look at casework then you would click on casework, and it takes you to a page that allows you to filter options. You then can select a manufacturer or a generic version.

SmartBIM Subcategory

You decide a subcategory, for this example we will use the base cabinet; you would just click on the base cabinet. If at some point you filter out something and change your mind it is straightforward just to click the x next to your filter, and it will take that filter out of your search. You can choose the size of the cabinet you want as well as if you want a flat panel or raised. You can decide to compare up to 4 of the items. This way you can find the one that is exactly right for your project. Once you locate the piece that is right for your project you can download the file.

SmartBIM Virtual Showroom

SmartBim Technologies gives you the power to utilize a virtual showroom. In the virtual showroom, you can set the products you have chosen, with their BIMdata into a 3-D room and display how it will look. You can create the place your 3-D presentation is in to fit your needs. You can choose a medical, office or business environment. Easily navigate within the 3-D environment you create to show the various products you have placed there.

You can manipulate the angles you are looking from so that you can see the furniture and pieces from different parts of the room. The 3-D presentation can be completely customized. Users can create the interior design for their virtual showroom along with product placement so that their customers see it exactly as they envision.

SmartBIM ecoScorecard

The SmartBim Technologies platform has an ecoScorecard that helps to evaluate environmental data about the products that you are considering using. The ecoScorecard can help your company decide which product is best for the current project. The environmental impact will tell you the overall cost of the product for its lifetime.

Within SmartBim’s platform, you can search for products and see LEED certificates and view product information so that you have the knowledge to make the best purchase for your business. You can search by category; within each category, you will find manufacturers. You can click on the manufacturers to find accurate information about the products.

SmartBIM Review:

To check out SmartBim Technologies platform just head over their website. Once you are there you can sign up quickly with your name, company name, and email. You will create a password and then be able to log in.

You can access much of the library using the free access. For the virtual showroom and some of the more advanced features, you can request a demo to get more details.

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