Total Project Logistics Suite Review

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Total Project Logistics Suite Review

What is Total Project Logistics?

The Total Project Logistics suite is all-encompassing construction management software that has specialized tools to help make construction companies more efficient. The software suite ranges from estimation tools to instruments that optimize and create efficiencies in the construction project process.

Total Project Logistics Features


The Estimation tool within the Total Project Logistics suite produces more accurate estimates for your projects in less time. The Suite is designed for all parts of the construction industry. The Total Project Logistics suite software has various modules that work on different parts of the business and development process to help keep your company organized and efficient. The modules that offered within the suite are TPL Estimate, TPL Trench, TPL Schedule, TPL Cash Flow, TPL Risk Analysis, TPL WBS and TPL FPM.

The Total Project Logistics Estimate Module is offered in different versions. This way your company can pick the module version that is right for your particular business. The goal of the Estimator module is to create more precise accurate proposals that will give you a better chance of winning your bids. The software helps create estimates more efficiently.

The TPL Estimate module lets you create projects quickly and competently manage the costs. Bids are more readily prepared to utilize the Estimator module. The module facilitates secure communication with subcontractors and suppliers through the software. Subcontractors and vendors quotes are input into the Estimator module quickly and naturally. The TPL Module assists with analyzing vendor and subcontractor quotes to help you with picking the best option.


The Bid Closing tool in the Estimating module supports you with your project verification and checking for any inconsistencies before you close your proposal. It quickly allows you to create various bid closing scenarios. The application closing screen shows a grid with your cost distribution structure detailing direct, indirect, and total costs.

The Scenario Configuration screen allows you to review your insurance, profits, etc. and make adjustments. You can see your specific line items and make changes to individual items or all of them. You can look back at the history tab to see all the changes you’ve done and the effect it had on the line items. This process helps save you time, decrease your risk while contributing to the growth of profit. Also, having a more accurate target bid increases your chance of winning on your submissions.


The TPL Trench Module was created for companies that specialize in Municipal projects. This fantastic tool can take information regarding a project and helps compute how much soil or bedding, pipe or the number of trucks you might need at a job site. This module helps your project run smoothly once you are in process as well as helping with the estimating process. This module contributes to figuring out the number of crew members needed and how fast the project can progress.

The Total Project Logistics Field Project Manager works to track your projects in real-time. The TPL Field project manager can be accessed from anywhere so you can easily stay on top of your projects no matter where you are. Using this module, you can monitor the production quantities and labor hours.

The TPL FPM tool can track your subcontractors, as well as material suppliers and equipment hours along with much more. This tool allows you to analyze the workflow and see how each of your sites is working. The Field Project Manager module integrates with many other data systems so you can easily import the data you need to make sure everything is running seamlessly. Daily Field logs can be entered from the field and accessed from the office so that information is never needed to be entered twice and everyone has access to it.

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