Why Is Employee Scheduling Important?

Category: Time | By Emilie Turchin | 3 minute read | Updated Apr 26, 2022
Why Is Employee Scheduling Important?

Employee Scheduling is one of the things many businesses hold in common. The task of scheduling employees should be one that is easy and simple for everyone involved. So you should waste no more time over the schedule when you can be spending it on more important things.

The Importance of Employee Scheduling

First, let’s make clear what exactly is an employee schedule? It is simply a schedule that contains each employee’s hours when they work. Some staff schedules include the locations, and the tasks being done for offsite businesses. 

By making employee scheduling an easy process for both you and your employees, you will be saving yourself a lot of time and frustration. It is important to maintain a fair employee schedule, to create employee satisfaction. When you are employees satisfied, they are more likely to be productive with each of their tasks and work better with customers. 

The Benefits of Employee Scheduling

Employee scheduling is used by every business and is a necessary step in having a successful business. There are a lot of benefits to creating the best employee schedule for your company. Here are the top four benefits to keep in mind!

1. A Decrease in Employee Turnover

When your employees feel they are properly scheduled and there are few problems with their hours they are less likely to look somewhere else to work. By maintaining the trust and fairness with your employees in their schedule there will be overall staff happiness.

2. Simple Time-Tracking/ Payroll

Employee scheduling and time tracking go hand-in-hand. By using the right system for scheduling, payroll can become an easy process. 

3. Ensures Productivity

By creating the right employee schedule with the requirements of the job, employees can remain on task and know exactly what they are supposed to be doing each day. 

4. Trouble-Free Operation

By having the right employees scheduled for the proper time it will ensure your business is running smoothly. For example, in a retail type business making sure your best employees work at the busiest times is key in having your business run smoothly. 

The benefits of employee scheduling

The Effects of Poor Scheduling

If a company continues to have poor employee scheduling, its success will decrease as well. By not scheduling your employees properly you begin to have a domino effect of problems. Here are some of the major problems that can come with poor staff scheduling.

1. Employee Tardiness

With poor scheduling, your employees are more likely to be tardy or take longer breaks.

2. High Employee Turnover

If employees feel they are unfairly scheduled they are more likely to leave their job. High turnover causes companies to spend more time and money in hiring and training new employees. 

3. Employee Morale

If your employees feel they are unfairly scheduled they lose trust and morale in the workplace. Also by providing a schedule with goals and tasks, they gain something to work towards. 

4. Loss in Customers/Sales

If you are constantly having frustrated or new employees, you may lose customers and sales with that deficiency. 

The Best Employee Scheduling Software for Construction and Field Services 

Creating an accurate employee schedule should not be a hard or time-consuming task. By using an employee scheduling app it helps automate the process and save you valuable time during your workday. Here are some of the things you should be looking for in scheduling software!

1. Automatic Employee Notification

Your scheduling software should notify your employees with any schedule changes in real-time. Communication is important when managing the schedule with employees off-site. 

2. Shift/Job Changes

Having a scheduler that allows for employees to seamless change shifts or between jobs is beneficial for many types of businesses. From a 24/7 customer service type job, or an offsite job.

3. Vacation/ Leave Tracking

An employee scheduling software should allow you to keep track of employee’s vacation and leave time off. It should also allow employees to request through the software. 

4. Accessibility

Finding a software that is compatible with all smartphones and computers is important. It should also be accessible on your mobile phone when out of service. 

5. Usability

An employee scheduling software should be easy and fast to use. Scheduling should be a task done with minimal effort.

6. GPS/ Location

In a construction and field service business each one of your employees should know the location of their scheduled job. Having a scheduling software that automatically navigates your employees to their designated job location is a very valuable tool

Finding the right software for your company may seem like a hard task, however, it made it easy. 

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