Complete Guide to ClockShark and MYOB Integration

MYOB is a powerful business accounting and management solution serving Australian and New Zealand businesses with over 50 different business management tools. From CRM and PoS to accounting and tax solutions, MYOB serves and grows with all sizes of businesses. 

Integrating with ClockShark, MYOB becomes even more of a powerhouse, providing more in-depth data and insights so you can more accurately track your job costs, labor costs, and more, with stunning reporting options that keep you on top of your bottom line. It will also significantly improve the accuracy of your timesheet data and streamline your payroll process.

What Are the Benefits of Integrating ClockShark and MYOB?

When you use MYOB’s software, you can much more easily stay on top of a large range of business tasks and processes. Integrating MYOB with ClockShark speeds up these processes even more, such as when you run payroll. 

Employees track their time with the mobile app and, once you have everything set up, you simply export the time data to MYOB and everything is there to help you run payroll with a press of a button. No need for manual entry and you’ll save even more time by having the data imported. 

How Much Does ClockShark and MYOB Integration Cost?

There is no additional cost to have the MYOB and ClockShark integration if you are on the ClockShark Standard or Pro subscription plan and have the MYOB AccountRight (AR) Plus or Premier for Australia or New Zealand.

What Data Is Imported/Exported When I Integrate ClockShark and MYOB?

As an admin, once you have all of the data entered, you can sync employees, jobs, customers, tasks (activities), and paid time off policies into MYOB. Once you have these things set up, you’ll be able to export employee time tracked with ClockShark, into MYOB to run payroll. 

How Is Employee Time Data Transferred to MYOB for Payroll?

After you review and approve the timesheets in ClockShark, you press the export button to send the data from ClockShark to MYOB. It will then appear in your MYOB and can be used to run payroll. 

How Does the Sync Work Between MYOB and ClockShark?

Once you set up your employees, jobs, tasks (activities), customers, and paid time off information, within ClockShark, a two-way connection will allow you to map these items in ClockShark to the same MYOB categories. 

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What Kind of Support Can I Get From ClockShark?

ClockShark is proud to offer five-star customer support that ensures you are never lost or confused about the next steps. If you have questions, need clarifications, or are just unsure about the next steps, reach out to our customer support team and you’ll get all of your questions answered and be well on your way to easier time tracking and payroll. 

How Do I Get Started With ClockShark and MYOB Integration?

Just take a minute to schedule your integration call with your account manager or, if you prefer, you can set up the integration on your own by following the steps in this guide.

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