A Complete Guide to ClockShark and Sage 100 Contractor Integration

Countless contractors use Sage 100 Contractor to help them manage their projects and their companies. From detailed reporting and payroll to project management, estimates, and more, Sage 100 Contractor is specifically designed for today’s construction and trades contractors. 

It helps administrators run accurate payroll and it integrates with ClockShark, making the payroll process even easier. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the ClockShark and Sage 100 Contractor integration.

What are the benefits of integrating ClockShark and Sage 100 Contractor? 

While Sage 100 Contractor comes with a huge wheelhouse of tools for today’s contractors, the integration with ClockShark makes it even better. Your timesheet data is exported from ClockShark and your payroll is streamlined, saving you time and money. 

How Long does it take to set up the integration between ClockShark and Sage 100 Contractor? 

With the help of a ClockShark integration specialist, your integration can be completed within an hour.

How much does ClockShark and Sage 100 Contractor integration cost? 

ClockShark connects to Sage 100 Contractor using the third-party Ryvit Connector, which costs $60 per month. This fee will be added to your ClockShark invoice at the start of the integration (note: there will be no fee until the trial is over).

What data is imported when I integrate ClockShark and Sage 100 Contractor? 

With the integration, you can map Sage employees, jobs, and cost codes to your employees, jobs, and tasks in ClockShark. With this, you can export timesheet data to Sage 100 for payroll, invoicing, and job costing.

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How is employee time data transferred to Sage 100 Contractor? 

Once the time is recorded on the timesheets, you can easily export the time with the “export to Sage’’ button. From there, the time transfers to the connector which syncs in whichever way you choose to set it up: hourly or every 30 minutes. Then it will be transferred into 5-5-1, Daily Payroll Entry. You can also reach out to ClockShark to manually sync the data. 

How does the sync work between Sage 100 and ClockShark? 

A third-party connector called Ryvit transfers the data between ClockShark to Sage 100! It can be set up to automatically sync every hour!

How does the integration of Sage 100 Contractor and ClockShark save me time? 

ClockShark eliminates manual entry because it exports the timesheets into Sage for payroll and job costing. This not only speeds up the process but removes the risk of human error which takes additional time to correct. 

How does Sage 100 Contractor integrate with ClockShark? 

Using the direct API (a secure and encrypted transfer), data is linked through the Sage to ClockShark mappings found when visiting Admin Integrations ➡️ Sage: Manage ➡️ View & Edit Mappings. 

From here, you can decide which Employees, Jobs, and Tasks sync with your Sage counterparts. 

That way, when the time is exported from ClockShark, it is sent to the correct Employee, Job, and Cost Codes in Sage and broken down on the timesheets correctly.

What kind of support can I get from ClockShark? 

Thousands of contractors and field service personnel have worked with ClockShark’s five-star customer support. ClockShark has experts available to walk you through the Sage 100 Contractor integration so you can get started with confidence. 


How do I get started with ClockShark and Sage 100 Contractor integration? 

The initial integration is simple to set up and a ClockShark integration specialist can help you get started and show you how it works. If you prefer to do the integration yourself, you can follow this guide.

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