Keep Track of Your Employee Hours With Offline Time Tracking

When you have a mobile workforce, it’s challenging to track their time if they don’t have internet or cell service. But if your employees are in remote areas without a WiFi connection, ClockShark will still track their time and location accurately.

Connectivity issues are common in the U.S.

A survey done by Waveform found over 10 million US employees who work from home, do so with “poor cell signal coverage and daily internet connectivity issues at home.” That’s why it’s important for time tracking to work online and offline.

What is offline time tracking?

When using a mobile time tracking app, your mobile device is tracking your time and GPS location. Offline time tracking is the ability of the app to continue tracking time when you are in remote areas without an internet or cellular connection.

The benefits of offline time tracking

Recent research indicates the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in far more mobile and internet users. This, in turn, prompted overhauls of many mobile networks by increasing capacity. Still, there are areas without service coverage.

When you have crews in the field, your workers may need to venture into areas without cellular or internet service. With offline time tracking, you will still have accurate hours for their workdays, even in remote areas.

When you lose power at the office, you’re not able to use administrative equipment like computers and printers, so work comes to a standstill without electricity. With offline time tracking for your workers, this isn’t the case. Even without power or cellular service, time is tracked accurately with ClockShark.

How does the ClockShark app work when there isn't cell service or WiFi?

Yes, ClockShark will work when employees travel outside of coverage!

If an employee clocks out while not having service, the time will then show up in the Sync tab as a "Sync Queue" to be sent over to the website. Whenever they do reach an internet connection again, they can press the "Sync" button to send the time over and make sure they get paid!

It's all transparent, automated and easy for the employee in the field.

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