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Getting paid should be easy. And now it is.

Fed up with waiting to get paid? Now you can get your hard-earned money 5X faster. ClockShark Payments lets you automate your accounting so you can send invoices in seconds and even receive same-day payment. For hassle-free payments, every time.

ClockShark Payments

Safe, secure, and super-quick

No more losing checks in the mail. Get paid online with fast, secure, and no-risk credit card payments. We teamed up with Chase to create a hassle-free platform that makes it easy for you to get paid.

Trusted by over 4 million SMBs worldwide, now you can get access to one of the safest, most reliable payment systems available today — straight from your ClockShark app.

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ClockShark Payments - Safe, secure, and super-quick

Simple Set-Up

It's super-easy to get set up, and get paid with ClockShark Payments

ClockShark Payments Powered by Chase

Create your Account

Link your bank account to Chase from within the ClockShark app, in minutes.

Send your Invoice

Invoice your customers by email. They can pay you at the click of a button on the invoice itself.

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Get your money

See the cash in the bank within 24 hours. Chase routes the payment straight into your account.

Better cash flow for your business

Delayed payments are a drain on your cash flow. You need to pay your suppliers and your staff on time. And yourself, too. But when you have to wait around for checks in the mail, it's easier said than done.

With ClockShark Payments, getting paid takes hours, not days. And nothing ever gets lost. So your cash flow goes from being a pain to being reliable, predictable, and worry-free.

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ClockShark Payments - Better cash flow for your business

Be the best to work with

Your customers hate finding, writing, and sending checks as much as you hate hanging around for them to arrive. But when you're the easiest company to do business with, they’ll never think of choosing anyone else.

Sending payment online is something today's customers expect. And now you can offer that too, with ClockShark Payments.

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ClockShark Payments - Be the best to work with

Get back time lost in chasing payments

So much has to happen before you get your hands on the money. Phone calls have to be made. Envelopes have to be found. Checks have to be posted. And even then you're not finished. You've got to manually update your accounts and job status tracking system with the payment details.

With ClockShark Payments, your customers can send you the money from the comfort of their smartphone at the click of a button. And your systems get automatically updated.

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ClockShark Payments - Get back time lost in chasing payments

I love ClockShark. They are always on top of their customer service and I feel cared for and valued as a customer any time I come to them with any questions or concerns whatsoever. I have never seen this level of customer support from any other company, which only reinforces our decision to go with them in the first place! It was exactly what we needed and were looking for!
- Haley L.
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