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The quickest way to quote

Have you thought about how much manual quotes slow you down? By the time you send them, speak to the customer, and get an answer, you could already be a week into the job. ClockShark’s all-in-one toolkit takes the waiting around out of your workflow. Create and send quotes in seconds, and get them approved fast.

ClockShark Quotes

Make your work quotes work for you

Start a quote for a new job, or add a quote to a current Job for a change order. Keep track of quotes with statuses like 'pending' or 'accepted'. And get notified as soon as they change.

Need to collab with your team on the quote? Tag them with an @mention to bring them into the conversation. Whatever way you do things, quoting is a breeze, with ClockShark.

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ClockShark Quotes - Make your work quotes work for you

Start jobs sooner

Your time is money. When you have to wait around after sending a quote to start work, you lose out. Not any more.

Send quotes straight to your customers by email. They review them on their phones and can approve the quote in one click. No printing. No signing. No scanning. Once it's approved, you can transform the quote into a live Job, and that's it. You're good to go.

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ClockShark Quotes - Start jobs sooner

Be the easiest business to hire

Customers won't hire you if it's hard work. Piles of paper. Searching for stamps. It's a pain for them, and it's a lost job for you.

But when your customers can get a quote by email along with all the documents they need to see, saying "yes" is easy. They'll understand what they're agreeing to, and be more likely to move forward. When they can start the project at the press of a button, why would they look anywhere else?

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ClockShark Quotes - Be the easiest business to hire

Invoice in an instant

When you finish the job, invoicing customers is no longer a 'process' you have to take care of. It's only a few taps of your finger. Generate an invoice straight from the quote. Then send it out.

Your customer can pay online by clicking a button on the invoice itself. You'll see the money in your bank account 4-5x faster than a paper check. Chase business banking customers qualify for same day payouts. If that sounds simple, it's because it is.

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ClockShark Quotes - Invoice in an instant

All your workflow. All in one place.

Now you can manage your entire workflow in one easy space. From sending the initial quote to time-tracking, to scheduling, to managing your projects to collecting the final payment.

You can do everything with ClockShark. You can run your whole business from A-Z. And the best part— it's so simple you don't even need to hire someone to do any of it for you.

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ClockShark Quotes - All your workflow. All in one place.

"I love this software because it consolidates the time-keeping and payroll process. It simplifies something that can get overwhelming & helps us keep an eye on what jobs to bill for labor!"
- Hayley L
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Running a field service or construction business takes constant communication and coordination. That's why we built ClockShark—the industry's leading time tracking solution plus everything you need to modernize your business.