Alternative to Exaktime, a Comparison of ClockShark

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Looking for an alternative to Exaktime construction time tracking? ClockShark is a new cloud-based alternative to Exaktime. You can get a 14-day free trial at

What are the main differences between Exaktime and ClockShark? They both solve a similar problem, but have some distinct differences. Today, we’ll briefly cover the similarities and differences so you can get an idea which one might be most useful in your construction or field service company.

Alternative to Exaktime: ClockShark

ClockShark’s smartphone app for iOS

First, the similarities. Since ClockShark was created as a simpler, easier alternative to Exaktime it does many of the same things Exaktime does in terms of tracking time and reporting on it. ClockShark and Exaktime both offer smartphone apps that allow construction companies to put a mobile time clock in each worker’s pocket. The smartphone app allows workers to clock in and out, change job codes, change task codes, and enter notes about their work that are visible to the system administrator. Both ClockShark and Exaktime offer an easy to use, well-designed editing interface that allows the payroll person (or manager) to view all of the work times recorded by the smart phones in the field. The administrator can easily see the times worked by a specific employee or on a specific jobsite for a specific date range (often this would be the current payroll period). Since workers sometimes make mistakes or forget to clock in or out, the administrator can easily edit times, or add times. Both ClockShark and Exaktime mark any shift that has been edited by an administrator and provide an audit trail of these edits for security purposes. Both ClockShark and Exaktime offer easy, clean, reports that show how much time each employee worked. These reports are somewhat flexible and can be used to run payroll and for job costing. For example, it’s easy to run a report for a specific jobsite, showing how many hours were worked there (and by whom) on a specific day or date range. Both systems offer GPS tracking through the smartphone apps. Each in/out punch is stamped with the GPS coordinates, and so the location of the punch can be viewed in the editing interface by the administrator. This feature helps ensure that your employees are where they should be.

As an alternative to Exaktime, ClockShark was designed to solve the same problems

Exaktime's smartphone app, alternative to ClockShark

Exaktime’s smartphone app for iOS

Let’s cover a few of the differences. As an alternative to Exaktime, ClockShark was designed to solve the same problem Exaktime solves, but the two products are not identical. Exaktime is a bit more feature rich than ClockShark, since it has been around for many years. But, we don’t think most construction businesses need all the features and reports that Exaktime offers. ClockShark currently offers fewer features and reports, but offers the main time tracking capabilities and reporting that most construction businesses need. Both systems are easy to use – both for employees and administrators. The smartphones apps for both ClockShark and Exaktime are readily available in the Google Play and Apple App Store, so employees will have no trouble at all following your directions to download and setup the app. No IT department intervention needed there. Exaktime’s editing/reporting software is desktop based and cloud based, while ClockShark’s editing/reporting is 100% in the cloud (accessed via a web browser from any computer). Many companies may prefer web-based editing since it is available from any computer, anywhere without any software installation or networking hassles. Exaktime and ClockShark have drastically different pricing models. ClockShark does not charge any up-front license or setup fees. Users of ClockShark pay a monthly fee per employee of $5/month. ClockShark also offers two months free per year, in exchange for an annual prepayment. For those that are not into the idea of using smartphones to track time, Exaktime may be a better solution since they sell various hardware clocks that use keyfobs and other means to clock employees in and out on their system. We believe that most companies will be better served with smartphone-based tracking, but of course that’s just our educated opinion.

That’s a quick comparison of ClockShark as an alternative to Exaktime. Hope it answered some questions for you. You can get a free 14-day trial of ClockShark by visiting

*Exaktime is a trademark of Exaktime, Inc. We are not affiliated with Exaktime. 



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