Job Costing in QuickBooks Without the Headaches

Let's face it, job costing isn’t the funnest thing in the world, but it is important to the profitability of a company. Job Costing in QuickBooks makes the process easier but you still have to get all the time, job and work data in the system. That’s where ClockShark can help. ClockShark makes it easy for your crew to track their time and work details from the field. Then, we take that information and send it straight into QuickBooks. Now you can job cost in QuickBooks fast and easily. While we may not be able to make it party-like-it’s-1999 fun, we can at least make it easy! 🎉

The Right Job and Task Codes, Every Time

All the time punches need to have the right codes to get accurate job costing in QuickBooks. That’s hard to do with paper timesheets because with multiple jobs and tasks there’s a lot of codes to remember. What that job 213 or 231? Even if everyone remembers the right codes, do they all have great handwriting? Is that a 5 or a 7? ClockShark keeps all your codes nice and tidy while giving your employees an easy way to find the right jobs and tasks. There is even a search box to make it even easier to find the right option. Have your guys focus on doing good work. Let the sharks do the remembering.

Easy log in makes finding the right job and tasks easy

Laura Zack

ClockShark has made my life so much easier! It's so much easier to keep track of my employees time without the hassle of paper time cards. I could not be more pleased.

From Nlsmcb (via Intuit's

Complete Data with Each Clock Punch

Accurate job costing in QuickBooks starts with having complete data. Clocking in with ClockShark starts with selecting a Job (Customer) and Task (Service Item) before the clock in button will work. That's true on the mobile apps and the web time clock. It only takes a few taps on the smartphone so it’s easy for your employees, but it gives you all the data you need to do job costing in QuickBooks.

ClockShark makes sure you get all the data you need.

Best App Ever! Before we started using ClockShark we noticed some employees were "working" 9-10 hour shifts everyday. When we started using this app the same employees dropped to 8-9 hour shifts since their locations were reported on their clock in and clock out. We've been able to save quite a substancial amount of money and also save time doing the payroll.

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Customize Options to Keep Things Consistent

We know that job costing in QuickBooks requires your employees to use the right codes for the jobs and tasks they do. A good way to help with that is by only showing them the right options in the time card app. You can customize which tasks show up under which jobs and to which employees. With fewer options available when clocking in or switching tasks the possibility of picking the wrong option goes down. It’s almost like having a watchdog around to stop problems before they ever get started. Except it's a shark. A watchshark!

Customize what each employee can see

Rhonda Starren

Awesome time tracking app that is very easy to use! I have found Clockshark very easy to implement with the crew and have noticed increased accuracy of our labor factors for future estimating.

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Want Fast and Easy Job Costing Reports?

Job costing in QuickBooks is easy with ClockShark, but sometimes you want to know something right now without having to get into your accounting system. No problem. ClockShark has many time reports you can view right from the web dashboard. Customer, employee, job or task reports are all ready for you anytime you want. The data is real time so you don’t need to wait for the next payroll run to see how things are going. You can see what happened this morning right now! Isn't technology grand? 🚀

Powerful and easy to use reporting

Maritza Westons

Perfect fit! ClockShark was exactly what our company was looking for. Easy to use and make changes. Great support and has been a very efficient way of tracking employee time, job costs, etc.

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Job Costing in QuickBooks Made Easy

Imagine that with the click of a single button all your employee time punches complete with job and task information went right into QuickBooks. Sound pretty good, right? All that data right where you need it without data entry! Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore. Job costing in QuickBooks is easy with ClockShark because we integrate with the online and desktop versions of QuickBooks. The mobile apps collect the data, we store it in the cloud and push it right to QuickBooks. It’s job costing nirvana.

Integrate with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop

Rhonda Starren

After months of research this app was our choice because of the easy user features. My crews and foreman have not had a huge learning curve which makes my office happy. All of the reports and real-time clocking in and out make time keeping very efficient. I cannot believe it took us so long to get away from paper timesheets. Glad we never have to go back.

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