How to Choose the Right Construction Software for Your Company

How to Choose the Right Construction Software for Your Company
By Jack | 2 minute read

It’s happening all around you.

You’re hearing about all these construction companies that are getting smart hard hats, drones, implementing software, and making all kinds of technological moves. Although the construction industry has been one of the last industries to fully adopt technology, the wheels have certainly hit the ground and adoption is in full force.

Part of sustaining a business, no matter the industry, is staying current and rolling with change. For construction companies, this points directly to software implementation. For the most part, the companies who are winning bids and getting big, profitable jobs are the ones who have it all together, especially from a technological standpoint.

The ones who have it all together use software for a variety of purposes: to expedite construction workflows, to save money, save time, become more organized, reduce errors, create more accurate estimations, and communicate effectively.

So, you know it’s time to get the software, but you are stumped as to what software is right for your company.

What to look for on a construction software?

1. Ease of Use and Implementation

One of, if not the most important factor, in choosing software is how easy it is to use and implement.

Getting used to a whole new system is never an easy undertaking and it can often lead to frustration and conflict in a workspace. Construction software needs to be simple and able to be learned and used in a matter of hours by anyone on the job site.

Implementation is key because companies don’t have time to just drop work and take weeks or months to adopt new software into the process. On a daily basis, routine construction workflows such as daily reports, time cards, and task management should be quickly and easily done in the palm of your hand, not through an elongated pen-and-paper process.

2. Software Should Solve a Problem, Not Cause One

In construction, there is a lot going on at all times. Managing different projects with different crews on different sites with different subcontractors and many moving parts is a lot to handle.

The purpose of implementing software should be to make all of those responsibilities more manageable and less stressful, right? Well oftentimes, it is just the opposite. Some construction software has been said to create problems, be very difficult to use, and end up being a waste of time and money.

With that being said, be sure to do sufficient research while implementing software. Read trusted reviews sources, do thorough research, and know exactly what you need. Which brings us to our next point…

3. Specific Software For Specific Problems

Not every construction software program is right for you.

If you need to fix a small problem or expedite a couple of processes, then an overarching all-in-one solution is not going to help you. If anything, it’s going to make things harder.

Conversely, if you need an all-in-one solution and decide on a more focused point solution, you may find yourself having to purchase more software than you thought. As mentioned before, a large factor in this decision is the ease of use and implementation of the software.

Some large software solutions take months to adjust to and train your team to use, whereas a construction software like Raken takes a matter of an hour to learn and be ready to use as a pro.

Today I learned…

Choosing construction management software can either change your life and make your job a whole lot easier, or it can make a difficult situation worse.

Follow these tips, do thorough research, and you’ll be halfway towards picking the perfect software for you and your construction company.

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