Introducing Facial Recognition Time Clock: Biometric Time Clock for Construction

Category: Product | By ClockShark | 3 minute read | Updated Nov 29, 2022
Facial Recognition Time Clock

The facial recognition market has steadily climbed over the years and is being implemented across the globe for security in places like airports and even retail spaces. Facial recognition time clocks are increasingly used by employers to manage employee time tracking, and cut down on buddy punching. 

What Is A Facial Recognition Time Clock?

Facial recognition time clocks use biometrics to scan a user's face to verify their identity. It uses a technology that takes certain points on the face and transforms it to data. 

Facial Recognition Vs Fingerprint

Both facial recognition and fingerprint reading are effective ways to ensure the right people are clocking in and out, and each have advantages and disadvantages. 

Of course, fingerprint readers read the unique ridges and valleys to verify it is the right person. Everyone’s fingerprints are unique so it’s difficult to cheat a fingerprint reading system. However, it may not be ideal for everyone using time-tracking software. If your employees work in tough jobs, their hands might be dirty, have debris or chemicals on them, or get cuts that make reading them less ideal.

Facial recognition is a biometric verification technology that scans the user’s face - with particular attention to the eye areas - to verify their identity. Facial recognition is easy to use, fast, and accurate, but can be difficult in areas with poor lighting.

How Can Your Business Benefit From A Face Recognition Time Clock?

There are multiple benefits to using a facial recognition time clock in your business. If you’re using a traditional wall-mounted time clock or messy paper system, here are the many ways a face recognition time clock can help your business.

Fast And Accurate

In less than five seconds, a person’s face can be recognized and verified, making facial recognition faster than clocking in with a traditional employee time clock. Since it verifies the identity of the person based on their face, you can be sure it’s the right person logging their hours.

No Lost Key Cards Or Passwords

With traditional time clocks, FOBs, key cards, keys, passwords, timecards, and PINs can easily be lost, damaged, or forgotten, but facial recognition software does not require any of these things. Employees just look at the time clock, get verified, and clock in.

Easy To Use And Install

While explaining exactly what facial recognition is, can be quite technical, actually installing and using it is very simple. An initial picture is taken of the user and that picture is stored in the form of data (algorithm) so the next time they need to clock in or out, they just have to let the phone, tablet, or computer recognize their face. No need to do anything else.

Highly Secure 

Some people feel uncomfortable with facial recognition technology, but it’s already used all around the globe. When using facial recognition time clocks, this is the only thing employees’ facial information is used for. It is not accessed by anyone or any other software and is ideally stored on an encrypted cloud server.

Prevents Buddy Punching

Tens of thousands of dollars are lost a year to buddy punching. With facial recognition, it’s not possible for someone else to clock in for a coworker, thereby eliminating the risk of time theft through buddy punching.


Most of today’s smartphones and tablets come with a camera which is what’s used to perform facial recognition. That means there’s no need to purchase additional equipment to use it. Employees can use the tools they already have in their pockets.

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ClockShark’s Facial Recognition 

ClockShark’s facial recognition time clock technology is a powerful tool available to your company which takes a picture of your employees when they clock in for work and embeds the photo in their timesheet.

Using ClockShark, you can set up facial recognition for each employee on their mobile devices or on  KioskClock™, to ensure accurate time records. When an employee clocks in, facial recognition captures their photo. ClockShark then analyzes it to determine if the face matches the name of the employee.

Facial recognition also eliminates the risk of buddy punching which costs companies thousands of dollars a year. 

Facial Recognition for Time Tracking

Facial recognition is a highly accurate, convenient, and easy way to use biometric verification to ensure the right people are clocking in and out. Facial recognition time clocks prevent buddy punching and are so easy to use, even people without a lot of technical knowledge can use it. Once you implement facial recognition time clocks, you no longer have to worry about getting inaccurate timesheet information from your employees.

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