10 ClockShark Post-COVID Tips For Field Service & Construction Companies

The Coronavirus pandemic has left many field service and construction companies at a loss for how to continue operating. 

Some companies have continued to provide services. But show that the majority of field services (67 percent) continued with restrictions while 21 percent stopped deploying field service engineers altogether. 

The construction industry may not have been hit as hard right away, but construction companies, contractors, and subcontractors need to prepare for potential disruption in the future. 

Over 20 percent were notified that their deliveries will be late or canceled in mid-March 2020. 

Without knowing what path the Coronavirus and governments will take, it’s near impossible to create a plan for the outcome. The nonprofit business research group, Conference Board, conducted an economic analysis that resulted in three possible scenarios - all with their own challenges. 

The best-case scenario has already passed. If there’d been a peak in new coronavirus cases by mid-April, they projected widespread economic activity to start happening in May. 

The second-case scenario would happen if new U.S. coronavirus cases peak in May, causing an economic restart by July. 

The third-case scenario would be the harshest on the U.S. economy. It would reduce the total number of deaths from COVID-19 but would not allow for an economic reboot until September. 

But there is no evidence that the U.S. has peaked at the time of this writing. This becomes more complicated because some states will peak sooner than others.

If social-distancing guidelines are not followed when the country begins to open back up, there could be a devastating new outbreak that could bring us back to where we are now. 

Field service and construction companies face unique challenges with so much uncertainty. Many are considering renegotiating their service contracts or evaluating existing contracts to determine what’s next. 

It’s a challenging time but it’s also an opportunity to explore new, exciting ways to become more efficient, productive, and advanced with the right tools.

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How ClockShark is helping today’s construction and field service companies rebound after COVID-19

Our customers are holding strong, climbing out of the recession with confidence and foresight. Here is how you can, too. 

1. Improved Communications 

When you have field crews and workers, you know that just one miscommunication can result in a huge mess. Keeping communication lines open during a pandemic is even more important because the risks are higher. 

While the death rate from the coronavirus has decreased, it still remains “very elevated in the context of any influenza season,” according to the CDC.

The novel Coronavirus is very contagious. One infected employee can infect at least two others. That's why it’s important that you and your workers have reliable communication capabilities. 

With ClockShark’s File Attachments, our customers can send photos, files, and notes between workers and the office, remotely. Having the ability to communicate effectively also helps to keep your workers informed about important COVID-19 updates, information, and practices. 

2. Tracking Without Paper 

Social-distancing is one of the best ways to slow the spread of the virus. When your workers are able to go to their job sites straight from home and clock in and out, they don’t need to go into the office. ClockShark’s Mobile Time Tracking does this.

Limiting the steps your workers need to take to clock in and out, contributes to social distancing. 

3. Digital Transformation Made Easy 

Progressive companies are more likely to emerge intact, post-COVID-19. We are helping our customers stay efficient and productive with tools that automate and streamline many processes - even when working from home - with flexible reporting. 

Our customers are ahead of the curve with simple, quick ways to run payroll, invoicing, and calculate job costs. 

ClockShark’s Payroll Integrations help our clients calculate regular time, overtime, or double time as well as paid time off (PTO). 

Not only do these things help contractors stay DCAA compliant, but they’ll also have all the information needed - organized and complete - to claim their reimbursement for the Paycheck Protection Program.

4. Monitor Workers’ Health in The Field 

Field workers are more at risk of exposure to the virus. The CDC has provided a checklist of safety measures that workers can use to help reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. 

ClockShark users are already on top of this. With , they can create customized questionnaires that employees must answer before they clock out: 

  • Did you check your temperature today? 
  • Was your temperature elevated? 
  • Were you exposed to a potential COVID-19 case? 
  • Did you wear a mask all day? 
  • Are you experiencing any symptoms of the coronavirus? 

These questions help supervisors keep track of workers without the need for physical contact. 

5. Promote Social Distancing 

With GPS tracking, you can help prevent unnecessary travel for your workers. Location tracking helps ensure your workers are where they’re supposed to be. 

6. Create Job Site Accountability 

With ClockShark’s tasks option, you can create specific tasks for workers to complete while on the job. Create tasks for cleaning up high-traffic areas, replacing proper hygiene supplies, or sanitizing all tools. 

When workers are in the field, they can switch to these tasks when completing them, ensuring the job site stays safe. It also helps ensure workers have the right tools to practice good safety precautions. 

7. Stay Updated in Real-Time 

ClockShark’s Geofence Time Tracking option allows our clients to set up virtual boundaries to prevent workers from going where they should not go during work hours. It also reminds workers to clock in and out, whenever they enter or leave the designated space. 

The Who’s Working Now feature means you can see exactly who’s in the field and where they are. This is a helpful tool to prevent unnecessary travel while also improving customer experience. 

When you know who is where, you are better able to dispatch the nearest worker or crew to a call, reducing your customer’s wait time. Happy customers are loyal customers.

8. Share Files and Information Remotely 

Your workers can share photos of their work (such as before and after), details, reports, etc. from their mobile devices by attaching them to their timesheets. 

With ClockShark’s new Customers option, you can share important customer information so your workers can continue to get their work done without unnecessary interruptions.

They can easily access information about customers such as contact details or any special notes about the customer. 

It's organized in an easy-to-use way so everyone is on the same page and has access to helpful information from their PC or mobile device. 

9. Staggered Scheduling, Done Smartly 

Companies everywhere are using alternative scheduling to help reduce workers’ exposure to COVID-19. 

When you need to access and change the schedule based on sudden changes, doing it remotely is easy with the Employee Scheduling App. Set strategic schedules to prevent crowded workspaces. You can easily notify your employees of changes to their schedule through their mobile devices or they can check the schedule each day to look for changes. 

10. Save Time, Money, and Resources to Stay Competitive 

ClockShark customers are already armed with powerful technology that keeps their operations running. 

  • Reduced time spent on administrative tasks 
  • Accurate, to-the-minute time tracking 
  • Streamlined processes 
  • A remote window into how your company is operating 
  • Protective measures through technology 

These and other valuable tools are helping our field service and construction clients every day.


Imagine not worrying about complicated, inaccurate processes that cost you time and money. 

Imagine enjoying tools that help you make more accurate job costing and estimate decisions. 

ClockShark removes the headaches of wondering who’s working, when and where they’re working, and if their records are accurate. It helps organize information in a way that cuts down on costs, improves processes, and increases your bottom line. 

This helps today’s field service and construction companies stay competitive, productive, and reliable. 

We can't predict the outcome of the post-COVID-19 “new normal” but we are happy to see our customers staying productive.

9,500+ companies use ClockShark to track employees and save time every month.

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