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FYXX Entertainment  Saves Hundreds Weekly Using Automated Time Tracking

FYXX Entertainment

FYXX Entertainment Saves Hundreds Weekly Using Automated Time Tracking

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“We decided to try the free trial with ClockShark and enjoyed the simplicity of it all and we haven’t looked back since.”

-Adrian P., Owner of FYXX Entertainment
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Creating Unforgettable Moments

Based in the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles, FYXX Entertainment creates the most innovative, integrated, technologically advanced, and unique systems that can be imagined. They specialize in a variety of settings such as: night clubs, restaurants, lounges, live venues, and custom home systems. Their team of experts guides clients through the planning, creating, and completion of their desired system(s).

FYXX Entertainment  Saves Hundreds Weekly Using Automated Time Tracking

Endless Texts and Phone Calls

Before switching to ClockShark, FYXX Entertainment would “call/text [their] employees for the hours they worked at each job.” This method of [time tracking] “wasted time and energy that we could have been putting towards being productive,” says Adrian. “Sometimes employees would forget to check what time they got to a job or what time they left,” so they would have to guess. Making phone calls and receiving text messages about hours worked took 2.5 hours weekly to get from each of their employees.

FYXX Entertainment  Saves Hundreds Weekly Using Automated Time Tracking

“ClockShark Makes Everything Organized”

Adrian realized that the texting and calling method to track his employees time was costing him time and money. “It was always back and forth between the office and employees on what job they were at and how long. With being able to clock in and then switch jobs when they get to our next client and padding notes about work done, ClockShark is invaluable to our company.”

After signing up for ClockShark in 2017, FYXX Entertainment never looked back. With ClockShark Adrian states, “not only do we know what jobs our employees are working on, we know where they are. It also makes it easier to bill our clients because of the notes section, we know exactly what we did for each customer during that time.”

Their favorite feature about ClockShark is the Quickbooks Integration. “It makes our billing process so much more efficient,” explains Adrian. “The system integrated perfectly to QuickBooks and it made payroll a breeze.” With the click of a button, they can have payroll completed in seconds!

By switching to ClockShark, FYXX Entertainment was able to “fyxx” their time tracking issues.

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