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Organize Your Jobs And Collaborate With Your Team In One Hub

JobFlow™ lets you track, manage, and collaborate on all your jobs in one place - storing a record of documents, conversations, and status updates for every job.

ClockShark JobFlow

Are You Doing Project Management Or Just Barely Managing To Finish Jobs?

Juggling jobs in spreadsheets, documents in Google Drive, and conversations with your team across texts, emails, and phone calls eventually leads to disorganization and confusion, causing jobs to fall apart or take much longer to complete.

Jobflow™ keeps you organized and on track to get your work done fast and on time

All of your jobs and customers are ordered in a neat list. Job stage, next action steps, and documents can be seen at a glance. And every conversation employees have is recorded alongside each job so your team is always on the same page.

View a complete list of all jobs and customers

Spreadsheets rarely provide a comprehensive picture of the work being done in your company.

JobFlow™ displays a complete list of all your active (and inactive) jobs. You’ll see the customers associated with each job, the hours budgeted to complete them, the number of hours already worked, and the “stage” the job is in.

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ClockShark JobFlow - View a complete list of all jobs and customers

Keep jobs moving forward

One of the hardest parts of project management is consistently moving projects forward from one stage of progress to the next and keeping your entire team informed about progress.

Now, every time anyone makes headway on a job they can update its stage accordingly, from planning to scheduling to working to done and anything in between.

Employees who are active on the same job will be able to see right away what was done and what needs to be done next.

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ClockShark JobFlow - Keep jobs moving forward

Discuss jobs and share files with anyone

It’s easy to forget an important detail from a discussion you had about a job, or lose a document because it’s kept in a different file, or fall behind on the deadline for a job when you’re using an ad-hoc system without a central place to record everything.

“Conversations” allows everyone to exchange comments about important details for each job.

With Conversations, anyone (in the field or office) can make comments about a job to discuss next steps or troubleshoot issues in real-time, share images and files, and let the right people know when they have a task due or when it’s done.

This means all the important stuff for every job is easily discussed, saved, and jobs are completed much faster and easier.

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ClockShark JobFlow -Discuss jobs and share files with anyone

The Game Changing App

Being able to track/record the hours worked by each of my employees has been a great tool. And in different task categories is also useful as it relates to different parts of the invoice process with my customers. Now I dont have to text/email every time I am uncertain about something during their work day. (ex. How many hours on this job, how many hours doing this task, how many hours spent driving between jobs, etc etc)
- Jason W.
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