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Review and Approve Employee Timesheets

October 10, 2018

timesheet approvals

To approve or not to approve…that is the question

We all know that timesheet approvals are an integral part of processing payroll, and that it’s a task many of us do with varying levels of disdain. For others, there’s no concept of approving a workers’ hours, it’s the honor system – and it works quite well.

Still, the concept is not new – and making sure your construction or home service company has the right controls in place to do approvals while allowing the right permissions to managers is critical to monitoring the health and accuracy of job costs and schedules. Here’s how it looks when using ClockShark.

Put your stamp of approval on every timesheet

You’re a pro at reviewing timesheets each week before you run payroll. Well, as their not-so-mysterious name suggests, timesheet approvals allow you to actually approve your employees’ hours after you’ve reviewed them. Employees record their time using ClockShark’s timesheet app. Then from your central web-dashboard, you can easily review and approve each timesheet.

Approved timesheets will be flagged with a green “Approved” icon, and they’ll be locked, so that no unauthorized edits take place after approval. Timesheet approvals help you run your business smoother, better, and easier than ever—and that all starts with you having total visibility and control over submitted timesheets.

Rest easy when you regularly approve timesheets

Depending on your payroll schedule, you may want to approve timesheets weekly, bi-weekly, or just once a month. One big benefit here is that if you approve timesheets, they cannot be edited, which means you can prepare timesheets for payroll as early as you want, and know that they will not change after you’ve approved them. Using ClockShark’s construction timesheet app, you’ll have the peace of mind that timesheets remain accurate long after you’ve reviewed and approved them.

Outfit your office staff to help you with approvals if you get busy

You can give the timesheet approvals permission to any employee in your ClockShark account, including managers, supervisors, and other admins. Since multiple administrators share responsibility for processing payroll, you can share approvals access with the people who need it. Approving timesheets now fits right into the workflow you already have. After all, many hands make light payroll!

Put the “pro” in approvals by getting set up now

Like everything in ClockShark, setting up timesheet approvals is easy, and takes only a few seconds. Once you have timesheet approvals enabled, it’s business as usual—except now you’ll be able to formally review and approve every second recorded by your employees.

Ready to begin?

Get started with approvals


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