Employee Timesheet Template – Free Download for Excel

By Michelle Kruse | Read time: 2 minutes

Keeping track of your employees is a job all on its own. That is why we are providing you with an all-in-one, free timesheet template. By downloading this template, you can organize all the incoming data from employees.

Our timesheet template is easy to use and organized into three different tabs! 

Our Free Timesheet Template

We make tracking your time in a spreadsheet as easy and straight forward as it can be. In this timesheet template, you can view a simple summary of both regular and overtime hours in the ‘Summary Timesheet’ tab. This makes tracking all your employee’s time easier and you can keep an eye on any potential overtime hours.

All that’s left is to verify the correct times are being entered.

Oh, you’ll need to make sure your employees are entering their information appropriately. And don’t forget to gather all the timecards from all job sites, with the job costing listed on a separate form. In fact, you might want to take the day to get this organized as it’s going to take a little bit of calculating.

Download ClockShark’s Timesheet Template

Finding a Timesheet Alternative

The truth is, no matter how clean or easy a spreadsheet is to use, it’s still a spreadsheet. And paper timecards? Those are still paper timecards. They can easily get lost, destroyed, or even delivered too late. Keeping accurate employee timesheets or job-costing is a delicate process.

When you track time incorrectly it ends up costing way more than it is worth. You know how difficult organizing and staying on top of paper time tracking is, and it’s time for a solution.

ClockShark offers digital time tracking software for your employees. With our Timesheet for Excel, they can clock in and out, take breaks, and even switch tasks, all from their phones while they are at the job site. You can say goodbye to stacks of paper timecards that have coffee spilled on them, turn up late, or are illegible. You can also say hello to all the free time you’ll have after simplifying the time tracking process.

With ClockShark, you can get more done or better yet, give yourself the vacation you deserve. Don’t take our word for it, start a free trial today!

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