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When that big event or staffing project goes according to plan, everyone thinks “Of course. That’s how it’s supposed to be.” The huge amounts of coordination often go unnoticed. Of the many moving parts, scheduling and time tracking can be some of most chaotic. Making sure they run smooth with your staff can be hard. The good news is, ClockShark can help you can stop wasting time and get back to doing better things.

Simple time tracking that just works

Time tracking for your events or staffing assignments should be simple right? Not so fast. Paper timesheets aren’t simple! They’re a huge pain to collect and the time gets rounded up. That's expensive. You’ve likely been overpaying on payroll and spending too much time chasing paper. If so, you’re going to love ClockShark. Employees clock time from the simple mobile app. You can see it and run reports instantly back in the office. You can even connect ClockShark to your accounting or payroll system for automated payroll that you’re going to love.

Mobile Time Trackings Apps Work on your Smartphone

Laura Zack

We looked at numerous other electronic time keeping applications over the past year including trialing one of them. We were not pleased with any of them until another General Contractor recommended ClockShark. After signing up online, which was very easy, and personally trialing it, we rolled it out to a select number of employees with great success. Within 2 weeks, we rolled it out company wide and have found it's cut down our payroll processing by 1.5 days. No more paper timesheets floating around, getting lost, fixing math errors or cost codes. The biggest thing we appreciate in the office is the support from ClockShark. Very simple to post a quick question and their response time has been amazing.

Chris Schuver at Rice Companies (via

Easy scheduling means no more phone calls and texts

Sending out a schedule to each staff member shouldn’t be a tedious chore. Calling and texting schedules to your employees probably takes up too much time. Let’s automate it! With the scheduler, just drag a Job or an Employee to the calendar. Employees can see their schedule from the mobile app on their smartphone. If the schedule changes, the apps update in real-time. Need to notify employees of that change? Just press “Notify Employees”. Now scheduling is fun, not a chore. Isn’t technology great?

Schedules update in real time on your Employees phone

Just got the ClockShark app, and loving the functions and ability to check on my employees and where they are at. Love the scheduling part of it as well. Easy to use!!

Todd Lake at Contegrity Contracting Ltd. (via

See and edit timesheets in real-time. Like magic.

Waiting until the end of the pay period to see timesheets stinks! We think you should be able to see them now. You can see Who’s Working Now and review timesheets as they are completed. See what Jobs and Tasks were worked on, and for how long. See where each employee is on a simple map with the GPSTrak and GPSFence features. Editing a timesheet or adding a note takes just a few keystrokes. Everything in your business should be this easy!

See each time punch on a map or edit them with ease

Rhonda Starren

What we like about ClockShark is the gps feature for each employee so we know they are on the job and where they are when they clock in and clock out.

JoRina Holland at Lynch Painting Inc (via

Your workforce scales up and down. So does our pricing.

Staffing and event management businesses have headcounts that are always changing. That’s no problem in ClockShark. You’ll be able to adjust your employee list with a few clicks. You can add or remove employees or deactivate them temporarily. You’ll only pay for employees you make active, and we’ll even prorate the monthly costs for changes. Your business has to be flexible, so your pricing should be too.

Keep active and inactive employees so you can scale up and down without paying more than you need to.

Laura Zack

Time help at its best. We came to ClockShark because we needed to show documented hours on certain employees. It was a perfect choice for us as you can have active and non-active employees. Made our life easier, and everyone was able to use it with no problems.

Robert Morken at Robert Morken Construction Inc (via

Easy to setup and use. You can start testing today for free.

Five minutes is all it takes to start testing ClockShark for free. It’s super easy, but if you have questions our customer support team can give you a hand. Your employees just download the free mobile app to their phone, log in and start tracking time. With four taps they select the job they’re on, the task they’re doing and clock in. Switching between jobs or tasks only takes four taps, too. One tap to start lunch. Clocking out takes one tap also. There’s no easier way for a mobile workforce to track time and see their schedule.

ClockShark is easy to set up and use. Start clocking time today.

Rhonda Starren

As a small business we look for the biggest bang for our buck! ClockShark is easy to use for all of my employees, its great for record keeping. I always love to show it off to others hoping they will use it too!

Scott Ohlemann at Traxx Excavating (via

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