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Franchise and Chain business owners and managers know that mobile time tracking and scheduling is an important part of running a profitable business. Today’s mobile employees rely on their smartphones, so why not put your company’s time clock and scheduling there too? That’s why more franchise and chain businesses choose ClockShark Time Tracking and Scheduling for Franchises every week to automate their employee time tracking and employee scheduling. Over one million hours were tracked on ClockShark last week alone!

"I love the GPS tracking feature that allows you to see where your employees are travelling while they are clocked in."
Laura T
Franchise and Chains Love Simplifying Business Processes

Paper timesheets, shared spreadsheets, and text message clock-ins are inefficient and often inaccurate. Hours get rounded, times are estimates and details are incomplete or missing altogether. ClockShark solves these problems with a real-time process for tracking time that is fast and easy for employees to use. Track time and work data from a mobile app on the employee's cell phone. Times are accurate to the minute so there is no rounding or estimating. Verify where everyone was when they clocked in and out with the GPS location is included with each time punch. Your employees get an easy to use tool and you get solid data in real-time. Why work harder than you have to when ClockShark can make an easy time tracking and scheduling for franchise or chain locations?

Simplify Your Business Process With Time Tracking and Scheduling for Franchises
Business Insights in Real-Time From Anywhere

All of the data from the mobile time tracking apps sync to your web dashboard so you can run reports and get details in real-time. Payroll data can be viewed or exported to put in another system with just a few clicks. The reporting tools in ClockShark make job costing, profitability reports and time/value comparisons easy to do. All the information is accurate and collected in real-time, so you can see what's happening right now just as easily as you can see what happened last year. You can even see where all of your clocked in employees are right now on a map with our “Who’s Working Now” feature. Let’s put time, work and location data at your fingertips so you can direct your franchise or chain business with confidence.

Time Tracking and Scheduling for Franchises

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Clearly See the Truth From Miles Away. Staff Accountability Made Easy

ClockShark uses the internal clock from the device for timestamps and the GPS coordinates from the smartphone sensor for location data. We’ve even built-in checks to detect tampering, so you'll know the reported data from the GPS Time Clock App is accurate and unaltered. Your employees know it too. Most of your employees are honest and hardworking and they will appreciate how this process is fair to everyone. ClockShark allows you to spot abuses right away, like the few that want to game the system to get paid more than they should. Rest easy knowing that if there is ever a dispute overtime or work from a client, employee or auditor, you’ve got the truth on your side.

Employee Accountability With Time Tracking and Scheduling for Franchises
Locations and Departments Segment Your Business

If you run multiple locations or have a large workforce in many departments, ClockShark has you covered. You can segment jobs, tasks, and employees into Locations and Departments. You can segment any report by Location, Department or both to get just the information you need. You can easily see which office is the most profitable, or which team is the most efficient. From future hiring decisions to expansion planning, Department and Locations can give you the edge in growing your franchise or chain business locations.

Time Tracking and Scheduling for Franchises
ClockShark Works with Your Favorite Tools

If your franchise or chain locations use QuickBooks, ADP, Xero or one of our other integration partners you’re going to love ClockShark even more. ClockShark’s Time Tracking integrates with many popular payroll and accounting systems so all of your data is right where you need it. ClockShark can push time and work details into your accounting or payroll system with just a few clicks. Job costing and payroll is easier and more accurate since duplicate work and data entry errors are eliminated. Our five-star support team is available to help your locations get set up and running in no time!

Time Tracking and Scheduling for Franchises
Time Tracking and Scheduling for Franchises With a Five Star Customer Support

When you’re running multiple locations you are running a serious business. You need serious support to back up your operations. Time tracking and scheduling are part of your payroll process, so this stuff is no laughing matter. We get it. Our five star reviewed support has you covered. Call us, chat with us, email us and we’ll be there to help with friendly, fast and helpful agents trained to backup your growing business. Our most important job is to help your business run better.

Time Tracking and Scheduling for Franchises With a Five Star Customer Support
ClockShark integrations make payroll and accounting painless
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Ready to save hours of your time and 2-8%
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