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Simplify your Time Tracking and Scheduling to Deliver more Value

Nonprofits focus on delivering the most value to the most people, but also have to deal with administering the organization. That includes time tracking and scheduling, which are a costly problem when done on paper, with spreadsheets or phone calls. But you already know that, or you would not be here, right? ClockShark’s mobile time tracking apps give employees and volunteers a way to see their schedule, track their time and log their work details in a simple and easy way that everyone loves. In the office, your managers will see timesheets and set schedules from a simple web dashboard. Best of all, it works across your small or large organization and is so easy to use that no training is needed.

We love Nonprofits. So how does a 20% Discount Sound?

ClockShark offers nonprofits a 20% discount. We want to make ClockShark as affordable as we can to Nonprofits because we love the work they do and want to help them do it. Just let us know during your free trial, and once we verify your non-profit status we’ll add the discount to your account.

Nonprofits get 20 percent off of ClockShark

Laura Zack

We use the CrewClock feature on this app so that our foreman can track time for the entire crew at once. This has been a very useful feature for our company. Customer service for the app has been extremely helpful in answering questions quickly.

H C at Deckade Flooring (via

Automatic Accountability. You can get used to this.

In the Nonprofit world, accountability is a big topic. Everyone wants to make sure that all the time and effort spent provides the maximum value. ClockShark can help by allowing employees and volunteers in the field to track their time and what they’re doing through our free mobile apps. Each time record includes GPS coordinates so you can see where everyone was while they worked. This information is synced to your web dashboard so can see what's getting done to ensure everyone is achieving their full potential.

Your crew can clock in and out from their field

Works Great! Very convenient. ClockShark was recommended to me by another employer. Everything was easy to set up and has made tracking jobs many times easier. Have saved lots of time not messing with paper timecards.

Michael GIlbert at Faber Inc. (via

Automated Time Tracking Stops Wasted Time

The ClockShark mobile apps are easy to use and stay with your employees and volunteers as they travel. Clocking in is as simple as selecting a Job and a Task then pushing the “Clock In” button. You won’t have to re-enter data from paper timesheets, decipher text messages or cut and paste from cumbersome spreadsheets. You’ll also save time by not having to track down missing timesheets. ClockShark customers spend 50% less time on their payroll process than they did with their old manual process. Picture the good you can do in the world with that extra time!

Automaticlly get time and location records from smartphones

Rhonda Starren

Best Timekeeping Solution For Our Firm! We reviewed a lot of timekeeping apps and decided to go with ClockShark. The ease of use and simplicity allowed our field staff to make the transition from paper timesheets very quickly. We have saved a lot of time and money by not having to chase down our staff to turn in their time every week. The company is quick to respond to questions and comments, especially when sending in suggestions to improve the app. I would highly recommend ClockShark to anyone needing a time keeping app for their field and office staff.

Jason Alandy at Green Valley Consulting Engineers (via

Easy Employee Scheduling Helps your Nonprofit Reach for the Sky

You've got big goals. Let's help you achieve them with the easy drag and drop employee scheduler. It helps you organize your efforts and your people. Your employees and volunteers can see their schedule on their smartphone so they know what to do and where to be. When you make a schedule update, you can notify all the affected people with the push of a button. You can also automatically send friendly reminders to your crew to clock in and out. Now everyone knows where they’re supposed to be, so they'll keep reaching their goals!

Easy Drag and drop scheduler includes push notifications

Maritza Westons

Super Satisfied Client… and I don't say that lightly! ClockShark has been very easy to manage and has allowed us to schedule our team, track their hours and keep track of their location. It has been particularly helpful with managing our client contact information along with job specific details. Two additional and very valuable aspects of ClockShark are the integration with QuickBooks and the continual attention to upgrading and fine tuning the product.

Cheryl Iodice at CleanSpace Cleaning Services (via

Reports make the Value you Deliver Clear

Nonprofits love our simple and powerful time reporting. It allows you to view, print, save or export all of your data by employee, job or task. You can use any time frame you want for the reports whether it's yesterday or last year. Whether your donors want to see what good their contribution made, or you need a quick report for payroll, ClockShark’s reports make it easy.

From payroll to donor request, our reporting tools make it easy

Rhonda Starren

ClockShark is great. We can't believe how much money we've saved by having our employees use this system. I would recommend ClockShark to all of my small business owner friends. The customer service is always very helpful. And for the monthly fees that we pay, it's so worth every dime! I love ClockShark.

Desirae Lindsay at Jess Lair Construction (via

You Support your Cause, We’ll Support you

We want you to succeed in what you do, so if you ever need any help, we’re there for you. Our customer service team has earned hundreds of five-star reviews and is available through email, live chat, and even the phone. We can help you set things up, answer questions or do a screen sharing session. We work with lots of organizations like yours. Just give us a call at 800-828-0689.

Our customer service is available to help you out

Maritza Westons

We started a couple of months ago to use this software, and it is excellent. It is the perfect software for detailed time tracking, per job, per tasks. We are very pleased with the service, as well. Any questions, answers are instant. I would recommend this software, as this works for any industry.

Julia Calinescu at BMP Mechanical Ltd (via

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