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Sage Time Tracking Integration

The most valuable resource on any construction project is time. You need to ensure that the project is profitably finishing on time. Enter Sage 100 Contractor. But you also need to know that employees’ timesheets are accurate and error-free. Enter ClockShark. Combining ClockShark and Sage Time Tracking Integration together allows you to track time directly from the field and export it directly to your Sage 100 account for job costing, billing, and payroll. Oh, the time you’ll save!

"It has been quite easy to navigate, and when I''m stuck, customer service helps right away. It''s so nice to have something that keeps track of time and PTO in one place."
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Sage Time Tracking Integration With ClockShark
Sage 100 Contractor - Real visibility. Real results.

As construction firms grow, so, too, do the complexities related to managing the business. Sage 100 Contractor provides the easiest access to critical job cost and project information to help you manage your business operations more effectively.

Sage Time Tracking
Accurate Timesheets That Push Right Into Sage 100

At your job site, every second counts. Toward payroll. Toward invoicing. Toward something. That’s why ClockShark provides accurate, down-to-the-second time tracking that includes job and task information. But that’s not the best part. You can export these timesheets straight into Sage 100 Contractor for payroll. Not a second is lost!

Accurate Timesheet With Sage Time Tracking

Ready to save hours of your time and 2-8% on labor costs every payroll?

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Automatically Populate ClockShark with Your Sage Clients

So nice, you entered it...once. That’s right. ClockShark seamlessly syncs with your employees, cost codes, and jobs. You can also create jobs in Sage and import them into ClockShark.  Your employees can immediately start clocking time on jobs that you’re already working, while you avoid the hassle and mistakes of tedious data entry.

Automated Sage Time Tracking for Accurate Timesheet
Fast & Easy Payroll, Invoicing, and Job Costing

Why is ClockShark perfect for Sage 100 Contractor? Because both are built for construction companies. They understand each other. They finish each other's…okay, you get the idea. ClockShark’s detailed timesheets make it easy to drill-down into the specifics of any project, just like you do in Sage 100. Payroll, reporting, and other administrative tasks remain quick, easy, and (most importantly) thorough when you use ClockShark alongside Sage 100 Contractor.  The ClockShark and Sage Time Tracking Integration requires a $60/month connector fee.

Sage Time Tracking With Job Costing
Premier Customer Support for Anytime Help

You needed this integration yesterday, so how can you get set up right now? What if you have questions along the way? ClockShark proudly boasts a 5-Star Customer Success team that is expertly familiar with ClockShark and Sage Time Tracking Integration. You’ll enjoy fast and friendly help as you set-up your integration, and you’ll never be more than a phone call away from live-person support anytime you need it. Your success is important to us!

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"I really like the GPSFence™ feature in ClockShark. This is what sets it apart. We find it most useful for automating clocking in and out for our team rather than manually reminding them when their schedule starts, which can be at odd hours."
Roland S
Ready to save hours of your time and 2-8%
on labor costs every payroll?
Get started with easy time tracking in under a minute with no credit card
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