Clock In Clock Out App Tracks Time From The Job, Wherever the Job Is

Companies with mobile workers need a way to easily track time from anywhere the work takes them. Apps that allow employees to clock in, clock out and track work details do just that. No more messy or incomplete paper timesheets. Just accurate, real-time records of what got done, when and by whom.

GPS Location with Each Clock In and Clock Out

When you’ve got workers in the field, where they are becomes just as important as when they got there. The ClockShark GPS time clocks apps on Android and IOS grab the GPS coordinates from the phone for each clock in and clock out. Now you can see right on the timesheet where each clock in and clock out took place so you know if your crew is working at the right place, at the right time.

Gps Locations are easy to read on a map

Laura Zack

ClockShark is very reliable. Better than any other method we have used in the past thirty years!

Chris Johnson at Johnson & Sons, Inc. (via

Clock In and Clock Out From a Smartphone, No Special Equipment Needed

Here’s a magic trick that can save you money. By downloading the ClockShark apps, your employees smartphones magically become their traveling time clock! Using ClockShark doesn’t require any special equipment. The time card apps work on Android and Apple phones and tablets so what your crew has in their pockets right now is all they need. While it’s not really magic, it does save money and that’s probably better.

Clock in with Iphone and Android smartphone apps

Great value for the money and great customer service. New features are added pretty regularly. Works well in our business with remote workers.

Scott Clemente as Servpro (via

Tracking Time is Fast and Easy

Time tracking should be fast, otherwise, you need to the track the time it takes you to track time - and that’s just not right. ClockShark makes time tracking easy. A few taps on their smartphones is all it takes for employees to easily clock in, clock out and switch tasks. The timestamps and GPS location are pulled right from the phone so employees don’t have to enter any of that. You can clock in, switch tasks and clock out faster than you can write your name on a paper timesheet. Paper timesheets? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

track time from anywhere

Rhonda Starren

I am not that computer savvy so when I say ClockShark was very easy you can believe it. Not only did I pick up on how to use it pretty quickly but I could help our guys too.

Barbara Gallagher at Gallagher Electric Co., Inc (via

Clock In Clock Out your Team with CrewClock

There's always that one guy - the one with the old flip phone. No one knows why he doesn’t upgrade to a smartphone. Can you even find flip phones anymore? Well, don’t worry - CrewClock allows a supervisor or foreman to punch the clock for Mr flip phone. It’s also handy to clock in or clock out the guy who left his phone at home, or to send an entire team to lunch at once. CrewClock makes employee time tracking easy and gives you the power to deal with anything the jobsite can throw at you.

manage the time clock for a whole crew

Maritza Westons

We have found ClockShark a wonderful program for our scheduling and payroll needs. They are continuously updating their program to include more features for us to use and listening to what their customers want in regards to those updates!

Krista Corrigan at Urecoat Inc. (via

Automatic Clock In Clock Out Reminders

Everyone needs a reminder now and then, and with ClockShark you can set those reminders to happen automatically. You can set timesheet reminders to clock in or out to go to your employees at a certain time every day, or at the start and end of their scheduled shifts. With GPSFence you can even send a push notification to clock in or clock out when your employee enters or leaves a job site. It’s like having a little shark on your shoulder making sure you track your time.

Set Notifications to remind people to clock in

Rhonda Starren

We needed a mobile time clock with GPS tags. ClockShark met our needs exactly. Customer service is top notch.

Rebekah Blanchard at Harken Contracting (via

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