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Your Business Moves Fast. Your people are constantly moving from the office to the field and back again. ClockShark's Employee Time Tracking App is designed to track the time of your employees in the field and your employees in the office while keeping things easy to use. Employees track time with simple mobile apps or clock in from the web. They can easily change Jobs or Tasks (aka labor cost codes) throughout the day with the press of a button. So your job costing will be right on point and your employees won't need training to use it - it's that simple.

"ClockShark has changed my way of seeing time tracking software. It is powerful and easy to use. I like that it has its mobile application to use it in phones or on tablets. It works with integrated GPS and provides us with the easiest way to do administrative tasks for our employees."
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Time Tracking App for Construction and Field Service

Keeping things simple to use is great. But you also need powerful features to help run your construction or field service business. But most employee time tracking apps aren't built for you. ClockShark is built to keep your construction or field service business moving quickly and keep the time tracking and job costing information you need at your fingertips.

Time Tracking App for Construction and Field Service
Crew Time Tracking

When employees are working in crews, sometimes it makes sense to have a foreman or crew leader do the clocking in. ClockShark's CrewClock feature lets a crew leader track employee time for the whole crew from a single mobile device. It's like having a master time tracker for all of your employee time tracking on a single device. The crew leader can track employees in a group or individually as they come and go. They'll also be able to specify what Job and Task (aka labor cost code) the employees are working on and switch each employee between Jobs and Tasks as needed.

Crew Time Tracking App

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Employee Scheduling with Alerts

As if employee time tracking wasn't enough to worry about, scheduling is also a big hassle for businesses with mobile workforces. Communicating schedules (often at the last minute) is painful when you have to do it with phone calls, emails, and text messages. Since schedules can sometimes change often throughout the week, it makes things even tougher. Every ClockShark account includes an easy but powerful employee scheduler. You can schedule employees by customer or job, add notes, job addresses, and job descriptions. Employees get the schedule instantly on their mobile app. You'll also get alerts via email and the website when employees clock time that doesn't match the schedule. Now you can stop spending countless hours sending text messages and making phone calls plus keep an eye on schedule compliance.

Time Tracking App With Employee Scheduling and Alerts
Automate Your Payroll

If you're using QuickBooks, ADP, Xero of one of our other integration partners you're definitely going to love ClockShark. You can connect your employee time tracking with ClockShark and export timesheets right into your payroll or accounting system. No double data entry and a quick painless payroll process. Say goodbye to keying in times from timesheets and say hello to automation.

Automate your Payroll With Employee Time Tracking App
Add Jobs from Mobile or the Web

Sometimes jobs come in and have to be dispatched immediately. You're covered with ClockShark. You can quickly add new Jobs from the office via the ClockShark website, or your employees in the field can add them in the mobile app. Being able to add Jobs on the fly from the office or the field keeps your business and your employee time tracking moving at the speed your customers expect.

Add Jobs from Mobile or the Web in Your Time Tracking App
Employee Time Tracking Reports that Don't Suck

When it's time to run payroll, prepare your weekly project management meeting, or do job costing, you'll have powerful clean reports at your fingertips. With time tracking reports covering your job sites, customers, employees, and timesheets, ClockShark has all the reports your construction or field service business needs to be awesome. Imagine printing clean, accurate timesheets or job site reports in just a few clicks via PDF or Excel format. It's all super easy with ClockShark. You'll have more time to run your business and be able to stop worrying about the mess of paper timesheets and inaccurate spreadsheets.

Employee Time Tracking App With Reports
ClockShark integrations make payroll and accounting painless
ClockShark Time Tracking Software

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"I really like this app for the purpose of switching from task to task without having to clock out completely. Very useful for a construction company's pay structure that includes hourly and commission."
Shayla P
Ready to save hours of your time and 2-8%
on labor costs every payroll?
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