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Not all time card apps are created alike. Construction and field service companies are tired of costly paper timesheets and need to track time in the field and in the office. Tracking cost codes and jobs is important too. So, it's time you met ClockShark, the time card app built for hard working companies like yours.

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Android Time Card App

With the Android Time Card App your field employees can easily track time from the road, the job site, or even right at your warehouse. It's all super easy to use, so no training is required. When you start your free trial of ClockShark, you'll be able to invite as many employees as you like to download the time card app. They'll get an email with the download link. They can then download the app for free to their Android phone and start clocking time.

Laura Zack

I'm thoroughly impressed with the features that Clockshark has supplied. We use the system across multiple companies in order to track multiple employees, which makes the Monday after pay period end a breeze in calcuating payroll through a singular office.

Steven Weggemann - Lonestar Tank & Supply (via

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iPhone Time Card App

With the iPhone Time Card App your field employees can track time right from their iPhone. Just like the Android Time Card App they'll be able to clock in and out, switch jobs and tasks throughout the day (so you can keep track of job costs). Picture yourself running your business without the hassle of timesheets. Feels good doesn't it? ClockShark's iPhone Time Card App is going to be your new best friend.

We have used various mobile timecard solutions in the past. We were attracted to ClockShark due to the pricing structure and ease of use for our employees. We have remained with them for the same reasons, as well as the stability of the app, their interest in making sure they continue to improve the app/software and regular follow up with us.

Carla at Shane Anderson Construction (via

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Web Time Card App

Got employees in the office to keep time cards for too? No worries! With the Web Time Card App, they can track time from their computer on the web. Just a quick click and they're clocked in! Tracking time from the desktop is easy and fast. Now your employees in the office are covered too!

Rhonda Starren

We are a small construction company, and have been using ClockShark for a little over a year and a half now. It has been great, from the GPS location, to the job and task costing that we are able to do thanks to the reports we can generate from the system. This is a very powerful timekeeping tool, and it has paid for itself many times over every month by removing the time rounding that goes on with paper timecards. Our crews are much more mindful of their lunch breaks as well. Highly recommend this product. Cliff and the support staff have been a pleasure to work with as well.

Scott Hanson - Corbar Companies (via

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A Time Clock Kiosk Collects Time Cards with an Easy PIN

Traditional time clocks are clunky, hog paper, and look like deformed cuckoo clocks on the wall. So we modernized the time clock and created KioskClock™. KioskClock™ transforms any mobile tablet or smartphone into a sleek time station where multiple employees can clock in and out using an easy 4-digit PIN. In just seconds, your employees enter their PIN and are on the clock! Complete with foolproof facial recognition, KioskClock™ protects against buddy-punching, while it provides accurate time tracking for your employees in the warehouse, office, or shop. Note: Paper punch cards not included. Because they’re not needed.

Rhonda Starren

ClockShark is a great tracking software! Tracking jobs is made easy. Employees can clock using the phone. They can view hours any where. I can access all things on my phone.

Jared M (via

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CrewClock™ Records Your Whole Crews' Time Cards

We’re not the postal service, but ClockShark will deliver your employees’ time cards in any circumstance. In rain. Snow. Even when employees don’t have their own smartphone. In the moments an employee cannot clock themselves in, CrewClock™ allows a trusted supervisor or manager to clock in and out for employees using their own device. With CrewClock™, one person can start and end shifts, and manage breaks for any employee. All in seconds! Employees may forget their phone at home. Or clumsily cover it in wet concrete. But with CrewClock™, they’ll never be without their time card.

Rhonda Starren

Our company has recently undergone a complete technological overhaul. ClockShark was by far the easiest piece to implement. Both the mobile and desktop portions are easy and straightforward to use. We've made great use of the mobile Crew Clock Function!

Brody L. (via

clockin your whole crew with crewclock

GPS Pins and Tracking

Have you ever wondered where your people are when they're on the clock? It's a bad feeling not knowing what's really going on in the field. With ClockShark you'll get the GPS location of your people when they clock in, clock out, as well as when they change Jobs or change Labor Tasks. With the GPSTrak feature, you'll also get 3-4 locations per hour so you can make sure they're staying where they should be. Keeping things fair is important. ClockShark has you covered.

Maritza Westons

We are construction company with crews scattered all over the USA. This platform made it simple for us to find out where our guys were at any time, and keeping track of their timesheets. It also made it efficient to review and approve timesheets each pay period. The reporting is also very useful. Overall very happy with this platform.

Adam Dell - Code USA LP (via

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Edit Time Cards from the Web

After employees clock in and out from the time card apps, you'll be able to quickly and easily review and edit time cards from the ClockShark website. One thing we've heard over and over again from customers is that it's important to keep things easy and simple. So, editing time cards in ClockShark is simple, clean and fast. You're going to love ClockShark.

Rhonda Starren

I have 10 guys in the field. I telecommute for work; before we were having everyone text me their hours at the end of the day and I add them to a spreadsheet. It was overwhelming. People forgot, couldn't remember what job they were on. Monday mornings I was spending 2-3 hours just verifying hours before I could even run the payroll. It's so simple now. On top of that for job costing being able to run one report and have all my labor for that job at my fingertips has been invaluable!

Amy Burns - Stalker Electric Inc (via

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Manage and Schedule Your Crew

Since ClockShark is built for construction and field service companies you can manage your crew online, and schedule them too. They'll get their schedule on right on the same time card app they use to clock in, so they'll know what jobs to report to each day. They can even navigate right to the address of the jobsite. No more texting or calling employees with schedule updates. You've got that automated with ClockShark now. You can can get to spending your time on other parts of your business.

Maritza Westons

Clock Shark has been a life saver! I can now see when my employees arrive at a job site , when they take lunch, when they switch to another job or task and when they leave for the day. It has helped with cost analysis of jobs - keeping track of travel time and tasks done on job sites. I now very simply upload my workers weekly time with tasks included into QuickBooks with a click of my mouse. I can easily run reports that help me to see what job and what tasks were completed and the amount of time it took. It has saved endless hours of manual data entry into QuickBooks as well as chasing down employees to see what tasks have been completed on the job that day.

Megan Gustafson - First Choice Home Remodeling (via

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