Time Clock Software You Can Use On Your Computer or Smartphone

ClockShark’s time clock software lets you track time whether you're at your desk, using a tablet at a coffee shop or on your smartphone in your car. People who work at a desk can use the web punch clock and employees in the field can use the free mobile time card apps. No matter where your team is, they can track time and view their schedules. No need to change how you do business, ClockShark has an option for everyone.

Track Time. Don’t Waste It

ClockShark’s time clock software is designed to be fast and easy. So easy that employees don’t even need training. Whether you use the web dashboard or the smartphone app, tracking time only takes a few clicks (or taps). Clock In by selecting a job and task and hitting the clock in button. Switching task, viewing the schedule and clocking out are all just as fast. Time clock software should track time, not take up time.

Track time from a computer, smartphone or tablet

Laura Zack

I really like ClockShark because it is easy to use but still has lots of billing/payroll information ready to go when I need it. The employees in the field like it too, setting up jobs is simple so they can keep track of everything they do.

From Shelly77 (via Intuit's Apps.com)

All the Data You Need

We didn’t make our time clock software fast and easy to use by sacrificing features. Every clock in requires a job and task to be selected so you know what everyone in doing along with when they did it. It only takes a second for your employees to clock in, but you get all the data your need for job costing, payroll and accounting. Why pick between speed and power when you can have both!

job and task details required for clock in

Great App!! Saves me a ton of time in decyphering employee's handwriting each week! I love this app for its simple interface and ease of use. Every communication is answered promptly and courteously and the support is incredible! I'm with them for the long haul!

From mtnmke (via Intuit's Apps.com)

Access Time Clock Software From Your Desk

ClockShark’s web-based time clock software is accessible from anywhere with internet access. Whether you're at your desk in the office or using your home computer you can track time. Laptop on a beach? Yep, that works, too. Anytime it's easier to get to a web browser than your smartphone, you can get to your time clock software through the web dashboard.

Use ClockShark from your desk with the web time clock

Rhonda Starren

I love this app becaue it makes my life so much easier. Once I started using ClockShark I don't think I could go back to not using it. Cuts my paper work in half and save loads of time. The notes are easy to use and help when looking back. Clockshark is worth its weight in gold.

From Brice (via Intuit's Apps.com)

Perfect Time Data

ClockShark uses the system time on the computer or mobile device when an employee clocks in or out. That means they don’t have to waste time typing in the time, or be tempted to round it up. This saves them time and gives you better data for your time reporting. The same is true for switching between jobs and tasks. Simply selecting a new job and task and hitting the “Complete Switch” button is all it takes. The time clock software will set the right end time for the previous time record and create a new one with no gaps. Down to the minute accuracy is automatic. We do the work so you don’t have to. We’re just helpful like that.

ClockShark ensures your time data is accurate

Maritza Westons

ClockShark is an excellent software/app for tracking our employees time in the field. Our employees were thrilled to not have to use paper timesheets anymore and we have appreciated the much greater accuracy in time tracking. We researched several phone based apps and this one is by far the best choice. We highly recommend it.

From CuttingEdgeBuilders (via Intuit's Apps.com)

View Schedules and Timesheets Anywhere

ClockShark’s time clock software gives employees access to all their time and schedule information. They can easily view their past and current timesheets and their schedule, too. Whether on a desktop computer using the web dashboard or on a smartphone in the field, all the data is available and up to date. In a few clicks you see everything that happened in the past and anything coming up in the future. It’s not quite time travel, but it’s close.

View Schedule and timesheet data anywhere

Rhonda Starren

ClockShark is awesome and has helped improve many things within our Company since we launched it, for example time keeping, punctuality, cost saving, time efficient as it saves time on entering timesheet etc. Punctuality and efficiency have certainly improved within our workforce of 20 guys too! Would certainly recommend.

From Jessica1505 (via Intuit's Apps.com)

One Click Lunch and Break Tracking

ClockShark’s time clock software makes taking breaks and going to lunch easy. How easy? Hit the “Start Lunch” button and get your grub on. When you come back, just hit “End Lunch” and you're back to work with the same job and task that was active when you left. Starting a new job or task instead? No problem, just use the “Switch” button and you’re all set. One click to go on break. One to come back. It can’t get any easier than that.

Track breaks and lunch with a few clicks

Maritza Westons

Yay for ClockShark!! This has saved us $$ for sure!!! Getting real time working hours vs. our guys writing down their hours - 15 minutes here and there round up adds up! Well worth it! Easy to use and the ClockShark team is so helpful!!

From stansellglass (via Intuit's Apps.com)

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