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Companies with mobile workers have unique needs and not every time tracker app will meet them. ClockShark was built with the mobile workforce in mind. Our time tracker runs on the web and mobile apps so it's available anywhere. We’ve also designed it to be super easy to use by automating as much of the data collection as we can. By using the technology to do most of the work, tracking time requires fewer steps which makes it fast while still providing all the data you need to run an efficient and effective business.

On Time Every Time

The thing about mobile workforces is that they move. This makes location an important factor. Being on time doesn’t matter if you're in the wrong place. That’s why ClockShark is more than just a basic time tracker app. Sure, you get all the time information you need like clock ins and clock outs, but you also get location data, geofencing and an always up to date schedule with one click navigation help. We know what it's like to run a business with mobile workers, so we’ve worked to include all the tools you need to be successful. This isn’t your average run-of-mill time tracker app!

Easy accurate Job Costing

Laura Zack

ClockShark is Awesome! I have used multiple mobile apps for time keeping purposes and there has never been a better service.

Tyler Pattat at ServiceMaster by Cornerstone (via

Dead Accurate Time Tracker App

Time punches are only as useful as they are accurate. Estimates, guesses and rounded times not only cost you money now, but make job costing and profitability forecasting wrong. You can’t run a successful business off of faulty data. ClockShark automatically grabs timestamps from the clock built into the device for every clock in and clock out so it can’t be manipulated, changed or forged. Not only does this give you down to the minute accurate time information, but it also removes a step from the time tracking process, so it's faster to use in the field.

ClockShark automatically grabs times for each time punch

ClockShark has performed well for us, making it very easy to track employee's hours at multiple locations.

Paul Schoen at Coulee View Windows & Doors (via

Have Time Tracker App. Will Travel.

In order to track time on the go, the time clock needs to travel with your crew. Your employees can download the ClockShark mobile app on their Android or Apple smartphones for free turning the cell phone in their pocket into their time clock and schedule. It’s always with them, always up to date, and you didn’t have to buy any new equipment to make it happen. All the data is stored in the cloud, so when your crew updates their phones or replaces a lost or broken one, they just download the app again and pick up right where they left off.

Time clock travels with you on your phone

Rhonda Starren

ClockShark was recommended by one of my sub-contractors. Now that I have been using ClockShark I have also recommended to others. It's a great tool for tracking time and hours spent on various tasks and it makes payroll a lot easier.

Scott Allison at Supreme Builders & Design, Inc. (via

Automatic GPS Locations Included with Each Clock Punch

Want to know where all your employees were when they clocked in and out? Whenever an employee punches the clock, the ClockShark mobile app gets the location from the phone's GPS sensor. This location data is stored with time record so you can see where each clock in and clock out happened on a map on the timesheet. All the data syncs to the cloud in real time, so you can use the Who’s Working Now feature to see a map of where all your currently clocked in employees are. You can stop hoping and know for sure that your team is where they need to be when they need to be there. That’s the start of service excellence.

GPS Location data with each time punch

Maritza Westons

I have used several different options and am extremely happy with ClockShark. It does everything I need to keep track of the numerous people who work for me and we've caught several discrepancies and have resolved them due to ClockShark.

Elizabeth Anderson at Regency Quality Construction (via

A Time Tracker App with Scheduling. The Perfect Pair.

Does your crew know where to be tomorrow? Next week? If they have their smartphone they do. The easy drag and drop scheduler in the web dashboard automatically updates every employee’s schedule and pushes it to their phone. You crew can always access their schedule from the ClockShark app so they know where to be and when. They can even get step by step directions from their phone navigation system in one click. What if the schedule changes at the last minute? No problem - the app schedules update automatically and you can even send a push notification to everyone affected by the change so they know to check it out. Now you can spend more time running your business and less time making phone calls to keep everyone updated.

Schedules travel with your crew

Rhonda Starren

ClockShark is awesome! I know where all of my Employees are and who is at work. I like the fact that I do not have to track them down for timesheets.

Lisa Kyes at United Mechanical (via

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