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Your Timesheet App Should Be As Mobile As Your Workforce

Ready to get rid of the headaches, frustration, wasted time and wasted money?. Your timesheet app should be set up to the work the way you do, with your company’s needs in mind. If you're a company with a mobile workforce, then ClockShark was built for you.

Easy Timesheet Apps for Android and IOS Smartphones

Why buy new equipment to use a timesheet app when everyone already has a smartphone? ClockShark offers free apps for Android and Apple smartphones so your crew can use what they already carry in their pockets. Wherever they go, so does their schedule and time clock. From the office, a job site or even from the road your employees can track their work and time.

Apps available for Android and IOS

Laura Zack

ClockShark is a great app. It has been very easy to figure out and I had all my employees on-board and trained in an hour. The customer service has also been excellent. I highly recommend ClockShark!

From Lionleader (via Intuit's

Timesheet App on the Web

Every ClockShark account comes with a web dashboard you can use to administer the account and have your office workers track time. Any computer with an internet connection can access it through a web browser, so there is nothing to download and install. See time records from work, home or while on vacation. Just don’t take your laptop on the roller coaster. We tried that. It didn’t turn out well.

Access your timesheet and time clock online

ClockShark has made payroll so much easier. I would recommend ClockShark to everyone. Great and easy to use.

From Fairview430 (via Intuit's

Get GPS Locations of Workers Automatically

When you have a mobile workforce, where your employees are becomes just as important as when they got there. That’s why the ClockShark GPS time clock app automatically grabs the phone's GPS location for every time punch. You’ll be able to see where ever clock in or clock out happened on an easy to read map. You’ll know if your team was at the right place at the right time. You can even get 3-4 location checks an hour using GPSTrak for some or all of your employees. Congratulations! You are now master of time AND space!

See where all your employees on the timesheets

Rhonda Starren

ClockShark is the best program I have used. I would refer other business owners to use this program. Very easy to use, and it keeps employees accountable.

From Brandi123 (via Intuit's

Schedule and Direct Your Crew

Not only can you monitor and edit time records using the web dashboard, you can also manage your employee schedule. Using our scheduling tools is as easy as dragging an employee or job to right day on the calendar. All the smartphone timesheet apps will sync to the web schedule so they are always up to date and accessible by your team. If you make a schedule change, you can send a notification right to the phones of everyone affected with the push of a single button. Gone are the days of frantic phone calls and text messages to update employees about last minute changes. With timesheet apps from ClockShark, your business can be as fast as you are.

Easy scheduling tools keep employees on track

Maritza Westons

I would strongly recommend ClockShark if you are in need of a time tracker for businesses that currently do not have a time tracker in place, or are looking for a new solution. It has been really great to work with Cliff and the team at ClockShark. They have a very quick response time to suggestions and their help has been very informative.

From scott2908 (via Intuit's

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