GPSFence™ geofences remind your team to track time and alert you to time tracked out of bounds

Geofences are virtual boundaries around your job sites and service locations. ClockShark’s GPSFence™ Time Tracking Technology can detect these boundaries and send notifications when they’re crossed. You can remind your employees to clock in when they get to a job or notify you if they leave the geofence boundaries. Can paper time cards or excel timesheets do that? Sorry paper time cards!

"I really like the GeoFence feature in ClockShark. This is what sets it apart from other time tracking apps. We find it most useful for automating clocking in and out for our team rather than manually reminding them when their schedule starts, which can be at odd hours."

Roland S.
Know Your Mobile Workforce Is In the Right Place

It’s important to know where your crews are. With service calls scheduled all over town or many job sites, your crews can be on the move constantly. Even when the schedule has everyone at one location all day, errands need to be run for equipment and supplies. GPSFence™ can let you know that one of your crew members left a fenced job site while clocked in. Unscheduled supply run? You’ll get a notification on the timesheet and via email. Someone left work 15 minutes early and didn’t clock out? You’ll know that, too. You’ve got an extra set of eyes looking out for you.

Reduce Missing Clock Punches

ClockShark makes time tracking in the field super easy for employees. With just a few taps on their smartphone, they are clocked in and working. But what about the guys that have a hard time remembering to punch the clock? GPSFence™solves that problem.

The mobile app can remind employees to clock in when they arrive onsite. How? GPSFence™ detects when a geofence boundary has been crossed. It knows if you are entering or leaving the boundary, so it knows what reminders to send. Just got to the job site? Remember to clock in. Leaving the job site? Remember to switch tasks or clock out. Think of GPSFence™ as a guardian angel, except it's in your pocket instead of on your shoulder.

Geofence Time Tracking Makes Accounting for Travel Costs Easy

You can use the GPSFence™ feature to make sure your travel time data is accurate to the minute. No special setup required. Make a "Travel" Task, enable GPSFence™, and you're ready to go. With GPSFence™ turned on, whenever your employees leave a fenced job site, their app will remind them to clock out or switch tasks. By having them switching to the "Travel" Task, you’ll know exactly when they left. When they come back or get to a new geofence, the app will remind them to switch again. Now you have a precise start and end time for every trip. No more guessing or estimates.

For Managers

You want to make sure your employees know where to be and when. Learn how ClockShark can make it easy for you and your crew.

For Employees

It’s important to make sure your employees are getting paid for the time they’re working. Find out how ClockShark can keep them on time.

For Payroll & Accounting

Keeping track of reports and job costing just got a whole lot easier. See why ClockShark can help solve all of your problems by eliminating timecards.

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"GeoFence gives us information about employees leaving our job sites. Saves time on the payroll process."

Joseph S.
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