Employee Time Clock App From Any Smartphone or Tablet

Enter KioskClock™: the time clock everyone can share. With KioskClock™, multiple employees can clock themselves in from a single device using their personal 4-digit PIN. It's perfect for any company with staff in a single location, like an office or construction site. Your staff will enjoy the speed and simplicity. It takes just seconds to clock in.

Employee Time Clock App

Everyone Can Use KioskClock™

It's perfect for any location you'd place a traditional time clock. Imagine a warehouse or office where employees clock in before starting their workday. Using any Android or iOS tablet with KioskClock™, those employees can quickly punch in; and then punch out at the end of the day. All your employees, all in one spot, all from one device: we hope we didn't simplify too much. 😀

Employee Time Clock Software

For several months we trialed apps to find one that fit all our needs and ClockShark was by far the most suitable. Its format is easy to use and the features make the daily management of staff time tracking easy. An added benefit for our business was being able to have electronic data from each job available in real time. This enables us to accurately invoice jobs without the need to follow up with staff regarding time spent and materials used.

Review from Sandi Harrison at Practical Plumbing and Gas on capterra.com

Clock In Faster Than Greased Lightning

Yes. ClockShark is famous for being fast and easy. Why? Because you shouldn't be spending excessive time to track time. KioskClock™ is designed for both speed and accuracy. Employees enter their 4-digit PIN, choose a job, and clock in. This takes just 10 seconds.

Employee Time Tracking App

I have found Clockshark very easy to implement with our crews and have noticed increased accuracy of our labor factors for future estimating. Well worth the cost per employee!

Review from Dave Johnson at Custom Concrete Contracting, Inc. on capterra.com

Super Sleek Kiosk, No Clunky Clock Hardware

KioskClock™ isn't a hefty, difficult, old-fashioned time clock you hang at your shop or work site. Install it on your tablet or smartphone, and with a few taps, you've got modern time tracking. Unlike old time clocks, you can take KioskClock with you. Finish at one job site, and easily transport your KioskClock™ to the next one. After all: wherever you have a tablet or phone is where you have KioskClock™.

use the devices you already have

Workers won't or can't use it unless the interface is simple, direct and very user friendly. ClockShark fulfills this requirement. My employees use it without complaint. They don't make mistakes or spend a lot of time trying to use it. They are able to logon, clock in and out, add job name and location. I am very happy with ClockShark. Payroll is no longer a headache.

Review from Charles Worrel at Trans-Flyover, LLC on capterra.com

Facial Recognition Keeps it Honest

Each employee's PIN ensures nobody punches in for someone else. If that's not enough, you can choose to enable facial recognition on your KioskClock™. We'll take a photo of the person at the kiosk and check it with facial recognition technology. If it's not the correct person, we'll let you know.

kiosk time clock

This product has made it so easy to track hours our investigators work on cases and allows them to easily transition from job to job which they often do on the fly. The fact that it moves your time over to QuickBooks with one click of the mouse is a time saver.

Review from David Horiuchi at Professional Legal Services & Investigations, LLC on capterra.com

Top-Notch Job Costing

Need to see who did what, where, when, and how? Rest assured that KioskClock™ will answer those questions for you. When employees clock in and out, they'll choose their job and task, so that when you're reviewing timesheets, you'll know how much time was spent on each job and task. Easy job costing awaits.

automated time clock means accurate timesheets

This app allows my office to run more efficiently with less errors and it assists us in our monthly invoicing. I cannot say enough about the ease of using this app. My subcontractors range in age and from the youngest to the oldest they are able to use this app with ease.

Review from Evolving on Intuit's Apps.com

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