Why Should You Automate Time Tracking in Your Landscaping Business?

Why Should You Automate Time Tracking in Your Landscaping Business?
By Emilie Turchin | 6 minute read

 Time tracking for landscaping businesses can be very tricky with the amount of work done off-site. Being able to accurately track where your employees are, not only benefits them but also your company. There are several options for time tracking for landscaping workers, so let’s begin!

What is time tracking? And Why is it important in Landscaping?


Time tracking is tracking the amount of time in hours your employees worked. So that their paycheck accurately reflects their hours worked. As an employer, it is important to properly track your employee's time so nobody is getting over or underpaid. Here are the top four benefits of time tracking in landscaping:


1. Increase Productivity

 By openly tracking your employee's time, it makes employees more reliable to finish a task in the time given.


2. Accurate billing

 When your tracking you’re employee’s time properly, payroll and billing will be more accurate.

3. Provides Transparency

 When you use automatic time tracking software it allows your employees to clock in right when they get to the job site. It also provides accountability within the workplace.


4. Provides Data

 By tracking your employee’s time, your company will have better data on how long it takes for a task to be completed. This allows for better future planning of tasks. It also allows for accuracy in job costing. 

In landscaping businesses, employees are often off-site so time tracking can become inaccurate. Having an accurate time for each employee will help your company save money in the long run. Without a proper way to track time, time will be forgotten, overestimated, or underestimated. When you change your time tracking to automatic time tracking software, you have an accurate way to track your time and pay-roll will be an easy process.

Time Tracking for Landscaping

Common Types of Time Tracking For Landscaping Businesses

1. Manual Time Tracking

Manual time tracking is what many businesses still use. It is something many people are familiar with, however, it is not always the most beneficial. There is a lot of room for dishonesty with manual time tracking and it becomes increasingly more inaccurate over time.



In a landscaping business, manual time tracking is a more intimidating task since employees are off-site. Collecting the accurate times for your employees places a lot of responsibility and trust in employees to remember their times accurately. This allows for discrepancies within your companies timesheets. 



Manual time tracking is beneficial for companies that operate out of one site. With having a single site of work, you can track in one place how long all your employees work.

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2. Automatic Time Tracking

Automatic time tracking is using software to allow your employees to track their time remotely and with ease. This is a new form of landscaping time tracking that has been beneficial for many off-site businesses.  

Since there are many types of automatic time tracking software, it is important for you to find one that fits your landscaping business. Here are a few things you should look for.

Accessibility- The software should be accessible to all your employees. Meaning it should work on all types of smartphones. It should also work on your computer.

Location tracking- The time tracking software should be able to track the GPS location of each clock in and clock out. This helps you keep track of where each employee clocked in and out at and gives you the accuracy of when they started working.

Reliability- The time tracking software should be reliable every day and if there is any malfunction it should be easily and quickly resolved. 

Communication- The automatic time tracking software should allow you to communicate with your employees easily. It also should allow your employees to leave notes and attachments for each job.

Best Mobile Time Tracking for Landscaping Business

Using software such as ClockShark to track your employee's time makes it easier and more reliable for time tracking. Having a way to track each employee easily will make your job and your employee's job a lot easier.

In a landscaping business being able to track your employee's time is a must. With ClockShark time tracking for landscaping workers is easily accessible with the ClockShark app that’s available for both Android and Apple devices. Landscaping employees can clock on and off from their phones on-site. And you can be sure to get an accurate GPS reading of where they were to make sure they clocked in on the job site and not at home. ClockShark can also track when your employees start a break and switch between jobs and tasks.

This software easily allows employers to see the hours worked by each employee, making payroll an easier task. ClockShark users have already saved between 2-8% in payroll cost, by stopping the improper clock in and out times. 

When you are trying to find a time tracking software it should be easy to use by everyone and accessible to everyone. ClockShark does not need any expensive equipment. All the employer needs is a computer and the employees need a smartphone. 

By using an automatic time tracking software, time tracking for landscaping is easy and accurate. Since this business type is offsite using a mobile or online time tracking service will provide accurate time tracking, save your company money in billing and payroll, and lastly it will help create accountability and productivity with your employees. 

How to introduce automatic time tracking to your company?

Now, if you are currently using the manual time tracking method or any other method that's not automatic and want to switch to tracking your employee's time automatically, it is not hard at all. Just sign up for a free trial of ClockShark to get started. It's simple, easy to use and built specifically for your landscaping business.


Time tracking should not be a task any employer should have to stress over. Although it is important in saving your company money, using an automatic time tracker will make it an easier process. 

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