Does Your Mobile Team Need an Employee Time Clock? Here are the Signs You Do

Does Your Mobile Team Need an Employee Time Clock? Here are the Signs You Do
By Hayley Phillips | 4 minute read

Feeling stuck? Are paper timesheets becoming a burden? Is your team’s productivity draining? Are you tired of losing profits because outdated employee time clocks simply don’t cut it anymore? 

13 Reasons Why You Should Track Your Mobile Workforce

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions it might be time to upgrade your employee time clock in order to optimize your workforce. Automated time tracking helps field service and construction companies streamline time tracking and payroll by calculating employee working hours. It keeps everything in one place and does the hard work for you.

Ditching dated paper timesheets in favor of time clocks and automated time tracking can help increase profit and productivity.

Is it time for you to make the switch to automation?

Here are signs that you should:

Buddy Punching is a Real Problem

If you notice that it’s happening then chances are it’s already a big problem. It may start as just an employee running late and asking a coworker to punch in for them, but if left unchecked it can grow into a regular issue.

Buddy punching is time theft, plain and simple. When buddy punching occurs you’re paying an employee who isn’t on-site and isn’t working and adding to the collective productivity of the business. That means you’re losing time as well as money, and the larger your workforce is the bigger the impact buddy punching creates on profits.

Employee time theft

Old-fashioned time tracking methods leave loopholes open for buddy punching to run rampant. Investing in a portable time clock technology close the loopholes and eliminate time theft.

Biometric clocks and geofencing are features found in automatic GPS time tracker that prevent employees from exaggerating punch times and punching in for their buddy that’s running late.

Every chance to stop buddy punching in its tracks is an opportunity to increase your business’s bottom line.

Paper Timesheets is an Unreliable Hassle

It sometimes feels like you just can’t win with paper timesheets. Despite your best efforts, they will inevitably be inaccurate and a drain on your time.

If you let employees track their own time and turn it in at the end of the week you run the risk of exaggerated times to cover up arriving late or leaving early, and you’re stuck consolidating those times and calculating them for payroll.

If you keep track of time yourself you’re spending precious time on timesheets and payroll that could be spent on more productive tasks that grow your business. Plus, any errors you make leave you with irritated employees and even more work to do.

Even if human error wasn’t the biggest issue with paper timesheets (spoiler alert-- it is), this old-fashioned way of tracking employee time is a time-consuming hassle. 

Time clocks keep track of time and calculate payroll so you don’t have to. They simplify the process and make sure everyone is paid the correct amount for time worked. Best of all, you aren’t stuck doing all the work. You’re happy, your workers are happy, and your bottom line is boosted.  Win-win.

Projects are Going Over Budget or Off Schedule

Unplanned overtime can drain your budget and being short-handed can throw off a project timeline, straining your resources and the relationship with your client. Without automated time tracking it’s easy to run into accidental overtime or end up in the weeds when employees are out sick or on vacation.

Time clocks with automatic features like punch locking can make sure employees are only able to punch in at a set time, and punches them out automatically at a set time. Employee time clocks with scheduling features also make sure that job sites are covered and the job can stay on track without needing any overtime to compensate being short-handed.

Automated time tracking makes scheduling easy, helps avoid accidental overtime, and handle schedule changes efficiently. This means less money going into overtime and more time being spent getting the job done.

All These Issues are Stunting the Growth of Your Business

Inefficient employee time clocks are a drain on profits and productivity. Errors and loopholes take away profits, and the time spent trying to fix these problems takes away time from important tasks that grow your business.

Automated time tracking streamlines productivity and boosts profits by eliminating issues that waste resources. With more time and more money, you can take on more projects, expand your reach, and continue to grow.

It’s Time for a Change

If you want to simplify your time tracking and payroll processes and boost your bottom line it’s time to upgrade to an employee time clock. There are lots of options with a variety of automated features designed to solve any time tracking issue you can think of. You’ve identified the problem-- now it’s time to find the right solution for your business.

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