How to Track Employee’s Time in Your Pool Company

How to track employee’s time in your pool company
By Emilie Turchin | 5 minute read

Finding the right way to track your employee's time can be daunting tasks for any business owner. Time tracking for pool companies is especially tricky with the majority of work is done off-site.

When you implement the proper way of time tracking for pool workers, you will save your company both time and money!

What are the benefits of time tracking in a pool business?

By tracking your employee's time accurately you are providing a lot of benefits for your company. When you track each employee clock in and out times you have an exact amount of hours worked for that employee. So no more rounded times or lost time. This ultimately saves you a lot of money in payroll costs. 

When you start tracking your employees’ time you see an increase in productivity and more accountability within your company. You will be able to see who is on time and worked their full amount of hours, and who did not. This provides time data and will help with future projects and job costing.

Ways to track employees hours in pool companies

There are two main ways that you can be time tracking for pool workers. That is manual and automated time tracking. Here we will break down each way and their pros and cons. 

Manual time tracking

This way of tracking is very familiar to most people and many businesses still use it. In this type of time tracking, you trust that your employees will remember their time accurately and will write them down on a timesheet. Or another way companies do it is by starting a timer at the beginning of the workday and stopping it when breaks are taken and at the end of the day.


Since most pool time tracking is done off-site requiring your employees to remember their times or starting a manual timer puts a lot of responsibility in your employees. It also wastes time if each employee has to deal with this and you have to collect the data each workday. This also leaves room for time theft and higher payroll and job costs.


This type of tracking is used often so it is familiar to a lot of people. It works best for companies that operate at one site, and you can track all your employees at one time and in one place.

The Pros and Cons of Manual Time Tracking

How to track employee’s time in your pool company - Manual Time Tracking

The Pros and Cons of Manual Time Tracking

Automated time tracking

This way of tracking is being implemented in many fields and offsite type businesses. This puts the time tracking software in each employee's pocket and provides accurate times that can be sent to administrators in seconds. With this type of tracking each employee has a time tracking app on their phone so they can track their time offsite. 

When automating your time tracking for pool workers they simply use their smartphone to clock in and out.


Since this is a relatively new way of time tracking it may take a bit of time getting used to for some employees. 


Automating your time tracking holds only benefits for your company. You get accurate times from your employees and they can track when they reach the job site saving, and throughout their workday. That way breaks and unnecessary time is not tracked, ultimately saving your company money. Also, many time tracking software provides more than just clock in and out times.

The Pros and Cons of Automated Time Tracking

How to track employee’s time in your pool company - Automated Time Tracking

The Pros and Cons of Automated Time Tracking

The Best Time Tracking Software for Pool Companies

Finding the right time tracking software for your company is important when implementing automated time tracking in your business.

Using a portable time clock software like ClockShark you will provide your business with an easy way to start automating your time tracking. This software will save you a lot of time, stress and money!

When you start using ClockShark your employees can start clocking in and out from their phones on the job site. So no more extra time added or rounded. You can be sure that your employees were on site when clocking in with the GPS tracking feature. This GPS pins exactly where each employee is when clocking in and out, you can also see their location throughout the workday. That way you know exactly where each employee is and know that they are on the job.

This app allows employees to report what job and tasks they are doing when clocking in and throughout the workday. Employees can switch between tasks easily throughout the day and can provide notes on the job, that way you know exactly what's happening at each job. This provides accurate job costing and data for future jobs. 

Automating your time tracking will save you and your employees time since it takes just seconds to do and you will have the time and job data immediately. It also saves you so much money in payroll costs and job costs by having accurate data for each job. 

To start automating time tracking in your business is as easy as downloading the software on your computer and having each employee download it on their smartphones. The mobile apps work with both apple and android and any computer type. ClockShark does not need any extra expensive equipment or complicated setups.

Don’t waste any more time or money and sign up for a free trial of ClockShark today!

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Time tracking should be an easy task that you never have to worry about. By automating your time tracking you will save yourself so much time, money and stress. So ditch the inaccurate manual time tracking and start automating your Pool time tracking today!

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