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Who Is Responsible for Finding New Construction Projects for Contractors?

July 16, 2019

project plan

In January in the US investment in public construction projects increased 4.9 percent to its highest level since September 2010. The percent increase was the largest since March 2004 and followed a 1.0 percent drop in December, according to a report in March on CNBC. Is your construction company busy? Do you have enough work […]

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14 Tips of How to Deal with Construction Trash

July 9, 2019

Crain machine on a construction field

Every construction project generates huge amounts of construction rubbish. The cost of disposing of construction rubbish includes the cost of loading it, transport, as well as the tip fees. These costs can be huge on the average construction project. In an effort to reduce these costs some contractors resort to dumping the rubbish illegally on […]

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How to Resolve Conflict on Construction Projects

July 2, 2019

Two field service workers looking at a piece of paper

Every construction project has a conflict. There’s conflict amongst workers within the teams, the conflict between supervisors, conflict within the contractor’s management team, conflict with suppliers and subcontractors, the conflict between subcontractors, and conflict between the client’s team and the contractor’s team. A construction project is a melting pot of egos, personalities, and cultures. It’s […]

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What to Do If There’s an Accident on Your Construction Project?

June 25, 2019

What to Do If There’s an Accident on Your Construction Project

Do you know what to do if there’s an accident on your construction project? Does your crew know what to do if there’s an accident? It’s terrible when there’s an accident on a construction project, especially if someone is seriously injured. None of us really wants to think about an accident so often we and […]

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What Safety Standards Apply on Your Construction Project?

June 18, 2019

A person grinding metal

Every construction project and client seem to have different safety standards. Some clients can be quite slack when it comes to safety, while other construction projects have numerous rigorous rules. Even the authorities don’t always apply safety standards in an even and consistent manner. The client has their safety standards, then there are the national […]

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Why Safety Is Important on Our Construction Projects

June 11, 2019

A wood table full of tools

Many see safety as a pain, additional costs, rules, an impediment to construction progress, paperwork, something that the authorities and clients focus on as a reason to torment contractors, and more. In fact, there are probably some readers already yawning thinking “not safety again”! But, if you want to know about additional costs, wasted time […]

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10 Ways to Boost Productivity on the Field

June 4, 2019

White table with a computer, Ipad and apple watch on it in a organize clean manner

Every construction project is a chain of numerous stakeholders and tasks that should be completed within a set timeframe and budget. Of course, the complexity of each project is vastly depended on its type, size, and available resources. Regardless of the above-mentioned criteria, though, construction projects seem to constantly struggle with low productivity, fragmented communication, […]

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Is Your Construction Project All Drama & Noise?

May 28, 2019

Construction Metal Project

Recently I watched a live stage show which had lots of special effects and cost heaps of money to produce. But the show was disappointing. The music was too loud and the singers had to shout to be heard. In fact, the singers generally seemed to lack ability. The show was overly complicated and tried […]

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10 Steps to Ensure Quality on Your Construction Project

May 16, 2019

Blueprint Pencil

Many construction projects have poor quality work. Poor quality work costs time and money to repair and sometimes contractors have to return long after the project has been completed to repair defects which only became apparent after the project was completed. It negatively impacts the contractor’s reputation and may prevent the contractor from winning further […]

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13 Costs to Include in Your Variation Claim

April 25, 2019

Calculator Money

Almost every construction project has changes, delays and extra work and invariably contractors incur additional costs. Many of these costs can be claimed back from clients when the contractor submits a variation claim. It should be straight forward, there was a change and the contractor should be paid their additional costs. But, as we’ve previously […]

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