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Online Time Clock Built For Hard Work in the Field

Looking for a solution to track the time of your mobile workforce? The old way of doing things can be painful. Messy paper timesheets. Text messages. Endless spreadsheets. Double data entry. Not knowing where your employees were or whether their times are correct. It's both confusing and time consuming. But the good news is…. ClockShark built an easy online time clock that ends those problems. It's built specifically for mobile workforces (like construction and field service) to clock time for payroll and billing online. So you can get back to working on better things and stop hassling with those ugly paper timesheets.

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A Powerful Online Time Clock with Mobile Apps

Once upon a time, paper timesheets were invented and they worked ok. But the times were always rounded and inaccurate. They were a pain to track down. Messy handwriting made them illegible. Entering them for payroll was painfully time consuming. Errors happened on payroll. Payroll was inflated from the rounding up. But the good news is, ClockShark fixes all of that mess. By combining the power of an online time clock with easy mobile apps you'll slice payroll processing time in half. You'll also save between two and eight percent on your payroll costs compared to inflated paper timesheets. Picture your workers in the field clocking in for work with just an easy tap on their smartphone. Here's more good news. Your workers all carry a smartphone already. So you won't have anything to buy. Everything in the mobile app is designed from the ground up to be dead simple. No training is needed. Your workers download the app for free, and they just start clocking in. It's that easy. Call your accountant and tell her, she's going to love your decision to try ClockShark!

Micah Nichols

We run an electrical contracting business. Getting the guys to submit timesheets on time was always an issue, along with correcting accuracy. This app takes away those headaches of me (being in the office) chasing them down. Our employees LOVE IT!

Review from Intuit's Apps.com

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Review and Edit Time Online with the Best Interface on the Planet

Customers tell us every day that ClockShark's online time editing interface lets them review and edit time for payroll more easily than any other online time clock. Workers clock time in the field (or in the office) and the time clock times are available in the online dashboard in real-time. You can review and edit times with a few simple clicks. With the audit trail feature, you'll be able to see a full history of any edits made. So you can keep tabs on who made which changes when and exactly what was changed, to help you stay compliant with labor laws. It's all super simple. Just a few clicks and your times are ready for payroll.

Been using Clockshark for a few months now. Very quick learning curve and a plethora of features. Their support is outstanding and it's simple enough that our crews in the field are up to speed within minutes and using it frequently.

Review from Intuit's Apps.com

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Beautiful and Simple Time Clocking

Shouldn't an online time clock be simple and easy? ClockShark's online time clock was engineered to be both elegant and simple. We keep things simple but still pack the power and features you need to run your business like a pro and stop messing around with paper timesheets. ClockShark's thousands of customers sing the praises of how simple it now is to clock time.

ClockShark is perfect for our electrical contracting business. It's ease of use is outstanding. Employees can get set up in a couple minutes, on their own from their phone. Clocking in/out and switching between jobs/ tasks are super easy - no special training needed.

Review from Intuit's Apps.com

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An Online Time Clock Should Work Offline Too

Businesses with mobile workforces often travel in places where cell service isn't great. Having no data coverage can be a pain - but it is not a problem with ClockShark. The mobile time clock app will work offline and then sync the time clock punches with the online dashboard when cell service comes back. It's all transparent, automated and easy for the employee in the field.

Going from the old way of paper time cards to an electronic format has changed the way we run our business in terms of capturing labor costs for jobs, monitoring our employees, and the ability for all management to have access to labor time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I would highly recommend it to any contractor/service industry who has mobile employees working in the field.

Review from Intuit's Apps.com

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Clock Time as an Individual or a Crew

When not everyone in the field has a smartphone or tablet, it can make using a mobile online time clock system hard. With the CrewClock™ feature in ClockShark, a supervisor or foreman can clock time for a whole crew using a single smartphone or tablet. As each employee arrives or leaves a job site, the foreman can clock in for employees individually or in a group. So you can use ClockShark even when not everyone in your company has a smartphone. Problem solved!

ClockShark has solved some challenges that we were having. It helps keep everyone in check. I can look in on my guys during the day and see if they are still at a particular job site and when they left to go home. No more guessing. Now they know that I can see exactly what time they started and left etc... The ClockShark team has been A+ with customer service and available to help when I have questions.

Review from Intuit's Apps.com


Job Costing Made Easy

An online time clock built for mobile workforces like construction and field services needs to be easy to use. But it also needs powerful job costing features. So, we built ClockShark to make job costing both dead simple and super powerful. Employees select a Job and a Labor Task from a simple list while clocking in. They can then switch Jobs or Labor Tasks throughout the day by pressing the Switch Button. In the web dashboard you'll see the time broken out into separate segments for each Job and Task worked. You'll get totals for each Job and Task as well as clean reporting to help you make better decisions, run payroll quickly and accurately, and cost the labor properly in your accounting system. If you're using QuickBooks, Sage, Xero or any of our other integration partners you'll be able to connect directly.

Clocking in and out and switching between jobs and tasks is a breeze. Review and approval of time cards for payroll is simple and this is the best QuickBooks interface I've ever used. Replacing our paper time cards with ClockShark was one of our best decisions this year.

Review from Intuit's Apps.com

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