QuickBooks Time Clock for QuickBooks Online and Desktop

Want to cut the time spent on payroll in half? Our QuickBooks time clock can help you do just that. ClockShark has a two-way integration with QuickBooks online and the desktop versions of QuickBooks so all of the data from both systems are available right where you need it. Running payroll, job costing and time tracking just got faster and easier. Now you can spend your extra time on something else. Lawn darts, perhaps?

QuickBooks Information Automatically Imports

ClockShark’s integration goes both ways, so your Customers, Jobs, Service Items and Employee in QuickBooks imports automatically so you can track time against them. Any new information added to QuickBooks get pulled over, too. Is there a QuickBooks time clock? Yep - it’s called ClockShark.

ClockShark syncs with QuickBooks Desktop and QBO

Laura Zack

ClockShark is Awesome! After looking at various options ClockShark was the best fit as far as price and ease of use, and the outstanding customer service along the way to assist with any questions we have. This has made life a lot easier on many different levels, from the guys in the field being able to get their time in accurately and on time for payroll, to the supervisor being able to easily schedule jobs and make notes for the guys in the field, as well as make edits where necessary in real time, and also very much on the admin side making payroll and job costing so much more time effective! We absolutely love it!

Geraldine Whedbee at Forsythe Caulking, Inc (via Capterra.com)

Set Up Once and You're Done

Setting up the integration into QuickBooks is easy and our five-star rated customer support team can help you out. Once done, the whole thing goes on autopilot. New data goes back and forth between the systems and keeps everything up to date. Automation anyone?

once connected, clock shark and QuickBooks sync automatically

We are very pleased with ClockShark, it's simplicity of use has allowed us to implement with all workers with no issues. Free trial period went a long way to showing both management and workers the benefits of the program

From Randy77 (via Intuit's Apps.com)

Time Clock Pushes Timesheets Right to QuickBooks

The ClockShark apps allow employees to easily track time in the field. That data gets sent to the cloud so it can be viewed and edited if need be. Then with the push of a single button, all that data flows right into QuickBooks for payroll and job costing. Yep, you read that right - start to finish with no data entry.

export timehseets to QuickBooks

Rhonda Starren

ClockShark has made my life easier. It was always very difficult to read the handwriting of the men doing the work. I spent a lot of time calling and verifying jobs. Now they enter the codes I set up and transferring payroll is a breeze.

From CJAC (via Intuit's Apps.com)

One Click Job Costing

ClockShark sends employee timesheet entries into QuickBooks automatically. If you use a desktop version of QuickBooks and QuickBooks Payroll, job costing only takes one click. ClockShark will enter the Customer, Job, Service and Payroll Items so the only thing left to do is hit the button. If only everything was this easy!

Job costing is fast and easy

Maritza Westons

Wow! ClockShark has been a time saver. We can add jobs and share them with all the techs so jobs that have different departments working on them are accessible by all. We can see how many hours the techs are working right away instead of waiting until they turn in timesheets! Awesome product, very easy to use.

From lisaw (via Intuit's Apps.com)

Errors? What Errors?

One of the biggest sources of data errors is mistakes when entering data. The worst part of data errors is the time it takes to sort them out - if QuickBooks says one thing, but your time tracking software says something else, which one is right? None of that is a problem with a QuickBooks time clock like ClockShark. The integrations keep everything nice and tidy without the need for repetitive data entry. You now have one less thing to worry about!

Integrate with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop

Rhonda Starren

Saves Time and Money! Wish we had this app years ago! Makes work order invoicing and payroll a breeze!

From BJ2687 (via Intuit's Apps.com)

Free Support. Yep. Free.

We have certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors on staff that you can chat, email or call whenever you need help. Did we mention it's free? No support packages to buy or limited access ceilings. Our support is standing by to help you whenever you need it. Well, they’re actually sitting, but they're ready to help nonetheless! 😊

our 5 star support is here to help

Maritza Westons

Before having ClockShark our workers had to hand write their hours and get them turned in to the manager which was very unreliable and time consuming for everyone. Now that we have ClockShark we can see where our employees are and on one page see everyone's hours. It has made a huge improvement for our company. This is a wonderful app!

From libbitjean (via Intuit's Apps.com)

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