5 Things Businesses Should Avoid on Social Media

Social Media Mistakes You Should Avoid

Social Media is a great tool for boosting your brand and building your online community. In a growing number of industries, it is impossible to NOT have a social media presence  And, with little to no technical barriers, most companies are using social to connect with their customers, increase their branding, spread news, gain feedback and even generate sales.   … Read More

Don’t Submit Your Proposal Until You Get These Questions Answered On A Site Visit

Why site visits are an important part of creating a proposal

Some contractors price projects, yet they’ve never seen the project site before submitting their proposal. This can be dangerous unless the RFP (Request for Proposal) document is very clear as to the specific site conditions, including the neighboring properties. I know it’s possible to view much data on the internet, including aerial views and even the underlying geology. However, to … Read More

Safesite Safety App Review

The Safesite safety app is designed to help prevent on the job injuries by allowing companies to log, share, resolve and alert workers and managers of safety issues. It features custom inspections, checklists, and forms, risk assessments, hazard management, follow-up actions and deadlines, daily automated safety summaries, SMS, email real time notifications and most importantly – safety observations so that … Read More

BuilderTrend Review – Home Building Software Worth Checking Out

Here’s our Buildertrend Review! We found it to be a great app. BuilderTrend is a management system used so that home builders, remodelers, general and specialty contractors can manage their change orders, options, sections, documents, and schedules as well as communicating with subcontractors, associates, and vendors for warranties. In addition to providing tools to the builders, the software also provides an area … Read More

10 Questions To Ask That Will Make You A Better Contractor

Construction projects are usually done in a rush. Contractors are so focused on completing their work in the shortest time that they often make simple mistakes – mistakes that can be costly, and mistakes that could often have been avoided if the person had taken a few extra minutes to stop and ask these questions. These questions are the key … Read More

BrickControl Project Management Software Review

BrickControl is web based project management software built for developers, architects, remodelers, builders, engineers, and planners. It was designed to be an end-to-end solution, going from estimates through invoicing and project analysis. BrickControl provides an incredibly detailed cost analysis of projects in addition to other benefits like being accessible from any device. Teamwork is encouraged with BrickControl because many people … Read More

Are You Working Yourself Out Of Business?

The other day I was on a cruise ship. I noticed a flock of pigeons flying around the ship. This was strange as we were several miles from the nearest land – after all, pigeons are land birds, they aren’t seagulls! They had probably joined the ship at our last port. The pigeons landed on the ship but were continually … Read More

Avoiding Business Owner Burn-Out: Delegating for Success

As a small business owner, we all wear multiple hats.  From admin to strategy, to marketing, to operations…we do it all!  But doing it ALL ourselves is not a scalable approach.  If you’ve fallen into the trap of, “If I want something done right, I have to do it myself,” you’re in a dangerous place if you expect any type … Read More

The Right Way To Do A Project Kickoff

I’m sure we’ve all attended many project kickoff meetings. Mostly these were boring, generic and we’ve barely taken any notice of what was been said. Somewhat like listening to the safety briefing on an aeroplane, just before take-off – you’ve heard it all before. But just as listening to the safety briefing on the aeroplane could be the difference between … Read More

How To Select The Appropriate Construction Method To Increase Safety And Efficiency

Often contractors rush into a project without considering and choosing the most appropriate construction method or the sequencing of the tasks. Sometimes customers specify a construction methodology or the estimator proposed a methodology when they submitted the price to the customer. But are these the best and most efficient methodologies? In fact, when the construction team looks at the project they could … Read More