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Feb 15, 2021
A Contractor’s Guide to Construction Photo Documentation

When you’re in the space of construction, there are a lot of reasons why having construction photo documentation is incredibly helpful. Not just from an...

Feb 1, 2021

Calculating overtime is a vital part of the payroll process, but it gets complicated when dealing with salaried employees or workers at various pay rates....

Jan 25, 2021
Why Construction Supervisors Shouldn't Skimp When Training New Employees

One of the most important jobs a construction supervisor has is to train new employees. But it doesn’t always feel that way.  In fact, overseeing...

Jan 18, 2021
4 Ways Poor Logistics Management Can Affect Your Business

Does your construction business struggle to meet completion deadlines? Do you have to squint to see the profit margins on your income statements? If...

Jan 11, 2021
Is GPS Time Tracking Right for Your Company? Here Are 11 Questions To Ask

If you are considering GPS time tracking technology, you probably have a lot of questions. One of the first ones is probably whether or not your company will...

Jan 4, 2021
Best Practices for Hiring and Managing Subcontractors

If your subcontractor’s work is late, incomplete, or faulty, it doesn’t just reflect poorly on them.  Their shoddy work tarnishes your...

Dec 28, 2020

With the “new normal” that comes because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies were pushed to adopt technology for remote workers. However, there...

Dec 21, 2020
Tips for How to Manage Payroll More Effectively

In 2019, the IRS assessed around $13 billion in civil penalties for non-compliance with the employment tax code. Your payroll process has direct effects on...

Dec 20, 2020
New: Communicate Better With Conversations

It’s a hassle to keep track of who has said what about which job, when. Our customers told us they wished there was an easier way to communicate with...

Dec 14, 2020
‌How‌ ‌Employee‌ ‌GPS‌ ‌Time‌ ‌Tracking‌ ‌Works‌ ‌

For some, it can feel unnerving to know you are being tracked by your employer while working. Images of a big eye in the sky spying on your every move makes...

Dec 7, 2020
Common Payroll Mistakes Most Employers and Businesses Make

Employers have many responsibilities when it comes to payroll. Making accurate and regular payments to their employees, sending out tax forms by certain...

Nov 30, 2020
Construction Marketing: 12 Tips to Get Clients in Construction

You may be the best at what you do, but it’s not much good for you if you don’t have clients. Even if you have a few clients, growing your client...

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