Mobile Time Clocks for Construction

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With over 75 million mobile employees in North America and approximately 8 million active construction workers, challenges are growing for construction employers trying to track time and attendance. Mobile Time Clocks have been implemented already by many innovative construction companies. However, lots of companies are still using inefficient paper-based methods.

Finding ways to make your mobile workforce report time accurately is critical for your business today, for obvious cost and labor compliance reasons. With worker’s compensation costs skyrocketing for many contractors, it is also critical that labor cost codes are accurately reported so that the most costly codes are not over-reported inadvertently. Studies published by Nucleus Research have shown that businesses can save approximately 2% of gross payroll costs by automating time and attendance tracking.

Mobile Time Clocks for Construction save Money

mobile time clock construction

ClockShark: A Mobile Time Clock for Construction

In 2012 the US Median Household Income was $51,017. Assuming a 2% savings you can save over $1000 per year per employee.

Even companies with low-paid construction workers such as a landscape company with an average hourly rate of $14/employee will save $582 per full-time worker each year. Since many mobile time clock systems are subscription-based, there is no up-front investment. With no up-front investment you will have an immediate return on investment. Everyone likes saving money.

If you bill clients based on times collected for service calls or time & materials jobs, then you have another way to save money. Rather, you can earn more by keeping better track of hours that need to be billed. Finding a billable hour “here or there” that previously would have been missed due to sloppy hand-written time cards will often generate thousands of dollars per year of additional billing.

Mobile Time Clock Software runs on Employee Smartphones

Modern mobile time clock software runs on construction employee smartphones as an app that can easily be downloaded by your employees. In past generations, construction employers wanting to implement field-based time clocks had no other option than to invest in expensive hardware-based clocks or handheld computers which would need to be replaced frequently and often had to be manually downloaded since they were not connected to the cell phone network. Today, the majority of employees own smartphones, so having them clock in via their smartphone is a “no-brainer”. This method requires zero up-front investment and puts proper care for the equipment back on the employee. Smartphones are also connected constantly to the cell network, so not only do these devices not need to be manually downloaded by the employer, the punch information can actually be seen in near real-time in the employer’s cloud dashboard. This real-time availability of time clock info provides distinct benefits, such as ability to alert employers to unscheduled overtime and construction jobs that are over budget on labor.

GPS Tracking Features of Mobile Time Clocks for Construction

Another benefit of using the construction employee’s smartphone as a mobile time clock is the built-in GPS capabilities of the smartphone. Each time an employee punches the location of the phone can be recorded. This provides an easy record in the cloud dashboard for the employer to spot check punches to make sure the employee is in the expected location. Furthermore, we are busy developing a feature to track employee position throughout the shift, then check the shift against a “geo-fence” that can be specified at the job level. That way when an employee leaves a job while clocked in, the shift will be flagged in the cloud dashboard for review.

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