Which is Scarier Your Construction Project or Halloween

Which is Scarier Your Construction Project or Halloween
By Paul Netscher | Read time: 3 minutes


Halloween, a time for kids to enjoy and some grownups to be silly. But sometimes, our construction projects can bear an eerie resemblance to Halloween itself.

In honor of the upcoming holiday, we hope you enjoy this fun list of the spooky similarities between your construction project and Halloween that you should watch out for.

Trick and treating

We’re all familiar with trick and treating. If the neighborhood kids aren’t given a treat they could play a mean trick on you. Unfortunately, there are cases of unhappy workers on construction projects playing more than a mean trick on the company.

I’ve encountered cases where disgruntled workers have deliberately sabotaged the project. They placed empty drink cans and bottles, and even concrete, in the waste pipes of partly completed buildings – causing the pipes to block up when the building is completed. The contractor sometimes suffers enormous expense clearing the blockage – often having to chop open floors in the finished building. Needless to say, it results in a very unhappy client.

Sometimes construction equipment is deliberately sabotaged, or completed work is damaged, resulting in project delays and costs to repair the items. Is your project being sabotaged?

So always treat your workers, suppliers, and subcontractors fairly. In fact, check that your subcontractors treat their workers fairly as well because sometimes the damage is caused by the subcontractor’s employees.

The original acts of trick or treating were for the poor to beg for cakes from the rich, in return for praying for the rich person’s soul. Have you treated your workers recently – maybe it’s time for a celebration – how about a Halloween themed party? It’s time that your workers were rewarded for their hard work!

Costume disguising

It’s a tradition at Halloween to wear a costume disguise. Who is that person hidden underneath the costume?

Some construction projects are also good at disguising things, like poor quality work. Many mistakes and bad quality are hastily covered over and hidden from view by an outer covering of render or paint. What horrendous crimes and bad quality are cloaked under the outer layers of the finished product.

Eventually, the holiday ends and the costume comes off. Will your client one day get a nasty surprise when they learn what’s just under the surface of their project, what’s under the disguise?

Are you checking quality at every step of your project?

Some project managers are good at hiding facts and figures from their managers. The project is late or losing money, let’s disguise the figures. Unfortunately, most projects don’t miraculously recover time or monetary losses. Eventually, the truth is uncovered.

Forget the disguises on your project, just reveal and fix the problems now.

Ghoulish costumes

At Halloween some dress in ghoulish costumes, which include decapitated heads, ugly wounds and even axes in heads.

Don’t let life on your project imitate these gory costumes. Ensure everyone on your project works safely. You don’t want real blood spilled on your project.

Some construction accidents are more gruesome than the most outlandish ghastly Halloween costume.

Horror movies

It’s sometimes a Halloween tradition to see a horror movie or visit a haunted attraction. Some construction projects could be classed as a haunted attraction. Is your project a horror movie, maybe a crime scene?

Disorganized, untidy, poorly planned, unsafe and poor quality projects are more terrifying than the scariest movie.

You can even ask yourself-are your projects a scary place to be?

All Hallows evening

The Christian traditions of Halloween come from Hallows Day, or all saints day, a day to remember the dead, saints and martyrs. It’s a time to remember those before us who contributed to who we are and what we have.

Is it time to be grateful to those that have taught and helped you over the years? Maybe time to be grateful to your teams that work so hard on every project!


However, you and your family celebrate Halloween, have fun and stay safe. Don’t be mean to the neighborhood kids.

Take time to look at your construction project. Treat your workers well. Check safety and quality.

Save the horror effects for Halloween, not the job site.

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