SmartBid Review - Construction Bid Software

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SmartBid Review -  Construction Bid Software

SmartBid is a software program that was created to assist contractors with managing data regarding subcontractors, project documents and sending invitations to bid. Smartbid is a cloud-based system so it can be accessed wherever a team member is, on whatever device they have. The information needed is always handy and stored securely in the online system.

SmartBid Features

Team members can access the SmartBid system by using either a web browser or they can access the SmartBid application which is available for Windows, Android, and IOS mobile devices. Companies can grant their employees access to the system, so each person has access.

By utilizing SmartBid, a company’s process of working on, creating and submitting a Bid is simplified. When a corporation is using SmartBid, they first add a new proposed project, or they can import the project details into the system.

The next step is to trade codes and packages. Any custom codes will be entered in this step. Next, using the online plan room, they upload and organize their specs and plans. In this area, they build custom bid invitations, or they can use the template library provided by SmartBid. The next phase is to Upload or select the subcontractors they want to be able to bid for the project.

Prequalify Subcontractors

Subcontractors can be chosen from a company’s database or SmartBid’s database called SmartinSight. Once a decision is made, subcontractors will be selected an invitation to bid or to pre-qualify can be sent to them.

Subcontractors can be given access to the companies' Smartbid platform. Through the platform, the company can collaborate with the subcontractors on take-offs and estimates. The SmartBid system allows the company to monitor the communication process between the subcontractors and project team members too.



SmartBid shows if communications have been opened, received and given a response. The company can then monitor the subcontractor’s proposal process. Once all of the subcontractor’s proposals are submitted SmartBid helps analyze and review the bids so that the firm can make the most informed choice when choosing their subcontractor for the project. At the end of the completed project, SmartBid can provide reports to review and analyze to help make improvements for the next proposal.

Invites can be sent to all of companies’ pre-qualified subcontractors simply with one step. Projects can also be quickly published online to the company website using the XML integration. All email can be branded for your enterprise so that all bid communication emails through SmartBid show the company Logo but use all of the SmartBid features. SmartBid software has a shared calendar that helps manage the company’s bid deadlines. It can remind the team via notification of upcoming due dates and proposal submissions.

Share Project Documents

The SmartBid Software provides the online plan room so that all team members can have access to the project documents. Everything can be stored and uploaded to the same place. Editing and Access permission is granted by the individual, so that team members only see and access what they need to.

Smartbid’s process of pre-qualifying sub contractors helps save time in the long run. SmartBid provides the Smartinsight construction network integration system that they created to help find the best subcontractors. They have Integrated ConsensusDocs 721 form into their system.

The ConsensusDocs 721 form makes it easier for Subcontractors to respond with their information that you need online quickly. There is an option for Subcontractors who have past submissions to have their forms repopulate, saving them time. They also offer a custom form builder for more detailed and unique questionnaires.


The BidTabs feature helps give team members tools to analyze and compare the various subcontractor bids and determine the best proposal. The BidTabs feature puts all the data in one place to make it easier to compare and calculate.

If your business is interested in learning more about SmartBid and its features you can go to their website and click on the menu and look for schedule a demo. You will need to put in your name, email, phone number, and company and select schedule a demo.

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