Connect top accounting and payroll apps and thousands more

By connecting ClockShark to your accounting or payroll processor, at the push of a button, you can send your employee time information right into payroll or accounting software. Get payroll done in minutes instead of hours. Let our integrations handle the heavy lifting so you can get back to doing better things.

"We went with Clockshark specifically because it has zapier integration, so we can use it with our SaaS platforms."

Justin T.
Lightning Fast Payroll with QuickBooks Sync

Accounting and payroll are easy using QuickBooks. What’s even easier? Use our QuickBooks Integration for QuickBooks Online and Desktop QuickBooks to send your timesheets right into payroll with a few clicks. It’s like payroll magic. Your life just got a whole lot easier.

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Make Payroll Simple with RUN Powered by ADP and ADP Workforce Now Integrations

As an ADP partner, ClockShark connects directly with Run Powered by ADP and ADP Workforce Now. The ClockShark-ADP Connector saves you from hours of hassle and costs only $5 per month.

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Easy Job Costing with the Sage 100 Contractor Integration

Track time in the field in ClockShark and export it directly to your Sage 100 account for job costing, billing, and payroll.

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Make Accounting a Snap with our Xero Integrations

A Beautiful Integration with Beautiful Accounting Software

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Connect with over 1,000 apps using Zapier, no coding required

Zapier allows you to instantly connect ClockShark with 1,000+ apps to automate your work and find super productivity powers. Add clock-ins to a Google Sheets spreadsheet, get email notifications for clock-outs, add new jobs to a Smartsheet, Send Slack notifications, and more.

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For Managers

You want to make sure your employees know where to be and when. Learn how ClockShark can make it easy for you and your crew.

For Employees

It’s important to make sure your employees are getting paid for the time they’re working. Find out how ClockShark can keep them on time.

For Payroll & Accounting

Keeping track of reports and job costing just got a whole lot easier. See why ClockShark can help solve all of your problems by eliminating timecards.

ClockShark integrations make payroll and accounting painless

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"I love this software because it consolidates the time/payroll keeping process. It simplifies something that can get overwhelming & helps us keep an eye on what jobs to bill for labor!"

Hayley L
Vintage South Construction
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