Time Tracking Tools & Resources

At ClockShark, there is nothing we love more than helping companies run smoother, become more profitable and just make business a little easier to run. To help with that, we have created a collection of free resources. Some are downloadable files, some are interactive calculators and some are just collections of helpful information.

The resources listed here are free, so feel to use them, share them and give them away. If it helps you, it might help some of your friends, too.

Take a few minutes to see what we have that might help you. If you have any ideas for future resources that would help you, let us know.

ClockShark Live Demo

ClockShark "Deep Dive" Demo Webinar - Is ClockShark a Good Fit for You?

Ready to see ClockShark time tracking and scheduling from the inside? Let's take a deep dive to explore how your company can get rid of painful paper timesheets forever!

On this live video webinar, you'll get an insiders tour, and find out whether ClockShark is a good fit. You won't want to miss it!

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ClockShark New Features Webinar

ClockShark New features Webinar

If you're already familiar with ClockShark and just want to see the newest features we've added, this is the webinar for you. Come see what's new!

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ClockShark and QuickBooks Desktop Webinar

ClockShark + QuickBooks Desktop

This webinar will walk you through an Integration between ClockShark and QB Desktop. Hans will lead you from start to finish and along the way go over some best practices and things to look out for when integrating or managing the integration after it is complete! If you are thinking about connecting ClockShark to your QuickBooks account or you are currently connected please join us for this QB focused webinar.

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Free downloadable timesheet collection

Free Timesheet Templates

If you can count on anything, it's that ClockShark knows time tracking. For those who aren't ready for ClockShark, we have created a set of excel and pdf timesheets available for free download. There are many templates available for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, single or multiple employees in horizontal or portrait orientations. If you need a downloadable timesheet, we've got one for you.

See our Free Excel Timesheet Template Collection

Free Timesheet Calculator

Free Timesheet Calculator

With ClockShark, timesheet calculations are automatic, but if you don't have ClockShark, or you want to run some hypothetical scenarios, we have a timesheet calculator you can use. You can choose weekly, bi-weekly, overtime caps, hourly rates and with or without lunch breaks.

Try out the Free Timesheet Calculator

Free guide to overtime and travel rules

Ultimate Guide to Overtime and Travel for Mobile Workforces

When does travel time need to be paid? How does overtime get calculated with split wages? Do I follow the Federal or State laws? Questions like these can be hard to answer because there are several rules that affect them. We have rounded up the information from the Federal and State levels to get you closer to those answers. Minimum wage, overtime, breaks, meals, and travel are all covered in this guide.

Get the Ultimate Guide to Overtime and Travel for Mobile Workforces

Pay for employee travel infographic

Infographic: When Do You Pay for Employee Travel Time

If you want a visual overview of when employee travel time needs to be paid and count toward overtime, and when it doesn't, this infographic is for you. Whether your employees report to an office or a remote job site, we have an example. Lunch and out of town travel? We got that, too.

View the "When Do You for Employee Travel Time" Infographic

How much does time rounding cost infographic

The True Cost Of Rounding Time Calculator & Infographic

Rounding time records, even only a few minutes, can add up to big money over time. Want to see how much? Try out True Cost Calculator to find out. You might be surprised how much it costs, and how often it happens.

Try the "True Cost of Time Rounding" Calculator

GPS Tracking Details for ClockShark

Infographic: The Details on ClockShark's GPS Location Tracking

This resource is pretty specific to ClockShark, but it's a question employees ask about all the time. We have created this infographic so employers who use ClockShark can share how it all works with their employees. Does ClockShark track your every move? No. This infographic can give you all the details.

Get The Details on ClockShark's GPS Locations Tracking

Guide to a painless switch from paper timesheets

How to Make a Painless Switch from Paper Timesheets

Introducing new technology can be tough, especially when you're changing a process that has been the same way for decades - using paper timesheets to track time. To make the switch from old paper timesheets to a new time tracking software a bit easier, we have created this quick guide based on what we've learned from watching thousands of companies go through the process.

Learn More About Making a Painless Switch from Paper Timesheets

Quiz to see what kind of shark you are

What Kind of Shark Are You?

For Fun: Have you ever wondered if you were a shark, what kind of shark you would be? At ClockShark, we know a bit about sharks, so made this handy quiz so you can find out what kind of shark you are. We've translated some of the behaviors of sharks into more human traits and situations and designed some questions to find out where you fall on the spectrum. Go ahead, give it a shot. Who wouldn't want to know what shark they are like?!

Find out What Shark You Would Be