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Transforming Time Management at Willmon Land Clearing

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“If you want to be more efficient and you value your time as a supervisor or owner, ClockShark is an absolute must.”

-Jeremy, Owner of Willmon Land Clearing
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Efficient Time Tracking and Project Management

As the owner of an excavation company, Jeremy faced significant challenges managing a workforce spread across multiple projects and locations. "It was hard to quantify the man hours tied to each project," he recalls. This inefficiency was exacerbated by reliance on paper forms, which were time-consuming to process.

ClockShark revolutionized Jeremy's operations by providing an easy-to-use platform for tracking employee hours and project details. "The guys are able to clock in when they leave the shop and are assigned a specific project. I know when they get there and when they leave," Jeremy explains. This has streamlined his ability to manage projects remotely, freeing him from the need to be on-site constantly.

Mitigating Time Theft and Enhancing Efficiency

One of the most impactful benefits Jeremy discovered was ClockShark's ability to mitigate time theft. "You don’t realize how many time stealers there are in a day," he says. With ClockShark, Jeremy has significantly increased efficiency within her team.

Saving Time and Money on Administrative Tasks

In just three weeks of using ClockShark, Jeremy has saved approximately four hours daily on tasks like managing timesheets and paperwork. This substantial time saving allows him to focus on growing his business rather than administrative tasks.

Favorite Features: Task Assignment and Location Tracking

Jeremy highlights two features that stand out the most: the ability to assign tasks or jobs to employees and track their locations to ensure they are working. These features have made it easier for Jeremy to manage her team and projects effectively.

Top-Notch Customer Service

Jeremy also appreciates the exceptional customer service ClockShark provides. "If you have any questions, the customer service team is top-notch. I was assigned an agent who deals with me directly when I call him," he shares. This personal touch has made his experience with ClockShark even more positive.

A Strong Recommendation for ClockShark

For those considering ClockShark, Jeremy's advice is clear: "If you want to be more efficient and you value your time as a supervisor or owner, it is an absolute must."

ClockShark has transformed how Willmon Land Clearing tracks time and manages projects and has significantly boosted efficiency and productivity across the board.

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